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Bartender Resume

Bartenders usually work in restaurants or bars to serve different beverages and drinks to customers. If you have bartending experience, customer service skills and knowledge of industry then it can be ideal profession for you. In order to apply for any bartender job, you have to design an effective resume to feature important skills and qualifications. You have to consider necessary protocols of writing education, skills and experience while designing a bartender resume. Only an effective resume can help you to present your skills in front of potential employer. Resume is the only tool that will persuade potential employer to call you for interview. It will help you to get a distinctive place in the eyes of employer before having a face to face meeting.

Job Description of Bartender

Bartenders usually work in restaurants, hotels, bars, banquet halls or any other hospitality establishment. Following are some common job duties that are necessary for a bartender to perform:

  • Bartender is responsible to take orders from customers or guests to serve them their favorite drinks with the combination of different ingredients including sugar, soda and fruit juices.
  • He/she is responsible to collect cash for the drinks and record sales in the register to control the bar stock and arrange supplies.
  • He/she is responsible to mix different drinks in the glasses or other utensils according to the desires of customers. Bar tender has to sanitize ice tanks, coolers and other tools to maintain proper hygiene standards.
  • Bartender order bar supplies according to the requirements of bar and arrange different utensils. He/she has to serve different snacks to guests as per their requirements.

Tips to Design Bartender Resume

Bartender resume will help you to grab the attention of potential employer and for your help I am going to share some tips to write bartender resume:

  • On the first place, give your personal details followed by education history in the resume. Educational history should highlight important details like important degrees and diplomas with the name of institute and commencement as well as ending date.
  • Any professional bartending certification will become your plus point so do not forget to write it in the resume on highlighted place. If you have taken any alcohol abuse awareness course then list it in the resume too.
  • Work experience is a significant section for bartending jobs so include it in your resume with the name of employer, date of employment and basic job duties. Start this section with most recent and relevant experience to increase the importance of your resume.
  • If you have major work experience in different industry then try to write relevant job duties in the resume to make your resume according to job description. Working in fast paced environment, multitasking skills and team work are perfect skills for bartender resume.
  • Any specialized information about wine, scotch and other beverages will help you to standout among other candidates therefore if you possess such kind of information then highlight it in your resume in the separate section.

Things to Avoid

Avoid the inclusion of following things in your bartender resume:

  • Do not include your picture in the resume unless it is asked in the job posting. It looks irrelevant and can decrease the importance of your resume.
  • No need to include the details of your interests and hobbies because it gives inappropriate look to your resume.
  • Proofread your resume more than twice to avoid any spelling and grammatical mistakes that can be dangerous for your career.

Sample Bartender Resume

Here is sample of Bartender Resume created using MS Word,

Bartender Resume

Here is download link for this Bartender Resume,

Download Bartender Resume

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