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Building Inspector Resume

This is a job that is not available in some countries i.e. India, Pakistan and even in China but other than these couple of landmarks, you can find building inspectors almost in every country and nation. Those who have any kind or link with the construction of how the building works, know that when a building is completed, before residents are allowed to use it, it will be checked by the professionals who will estimate if it’s built with all the standards and if there are any flaws or mistakes in the construction that could risk the lives of residents.

The professional estimator or investigator who checks the buildings, is called building inspector. He is the experienced engineer who can estimate the age, condition and other elements just by looking at the building. Other than that, these inspectors are also come handy when someone wants to buy a new building and wants to makes sure that there is nothing wrong with it.

Job responsibilities of Building Inspector:

  • The essential responsibility of a building inspector is to inspect any building or ongoing construction.
  • Sometimes these inspectors are hired by the government agencies to look after the quality of a construction project but most of the times; they are hired by the owners of buildings.
  • When a client asks to inspect a building, being honest with him and performing all the required tests on the building to find the pros and cons about the building.
  • Using construction and inspection tools as they are required to and examining the building entirely.
  • Preparing a report about the condition of a building along with the recommendations for the owners.

Salary of a Building Inspector:

Usually people think that a building inspector is doing a very important job so he will also get high salary package too but in reality, there aren’t much companies or countries where these inspectors get the appropriate salary figure. Most of the time, these inspectors are hired by individual clients and there is no salary but just a sum up amount of inspecting the whole building and it’s usually per hour. These inspectors earn around $10 per hour while inspecting a building and when they are hired by a construction company to work permanently, they earn around $50000 per year.

Here are the elements you need to add in Building Inspector Resume:

  • A resume is just a document and a little of your introduction so keep it small and uncomplicated.
  • If you have got some extra certificates along with regular study, attach them with your resume.
  • It’s all about inspecting constructions so it’s better if you have some kind of estimation or analysis education. Attach these certificates too.
  • If you interact with people more comfortably and like to supervise their work, add this quality in your resume because it will give you an extra edge among other applicants.

Things not to add in the resume:

  • Don’t add personal information like marital status or social security number in the resume.
  • Don’t add information about one of your previous jobs which was to deal with people because that’s totally a different thing.
  • Don’t use different fonts and color schemes just to brighten up the resume.
  • Don’t send the resume without proofreading it twice.

Sample Building Inspector Resume:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Building Inspector Resume created using MS Word,

Building Inspector Resume

Here is download link for this Building Inspector Resume,

Download Building Inspector Resume

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