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Certified Ethical Hacker Resume

When we talk about computers and virtual hackers, we usually think about a person who is not a good human being because is intrudes in private property and causes a lot of loss for the owners. Unlike that, here we are discussing a certified ethical hacker who helps government agencies i.e. CIA, FIA or FBI to investigate crimes and to find evidence. Some might thing that when an act is wrong, how can we declare that it’s ethical?

The reason is that these hackers don’t hack by themselves or with their will but they are hired by the professional secret or law enforcement agencies in order to investigate a crime over Internet. When the government makes sure that a hacker is qualified enough and he has some ethics that he won’t use his powers for his own good, he is allowed to hack computers in order to help government agencies and to decrease the cyber crimes.

Salary of a Certified Ethical Hacker:

These hackers are also called computer or technology nerds and when they do such a high profile job in which they are required to intrude in someone’s property via internet, they also get paid very high for performing these important and very delicate duties. Usually these hackers work as freelancers, which means they aren’t hired by any company for permanent basis but when someone needs them, they are called for help. While doing a project, they get paid by hourly basis and it’s around $20-$30 per hour which looks very good when you are just required to sit on a chair and use a computer. When these hackers are hired by regular monthly salaries by government agencies, they earn more than $120000 per year.

Here are the Elements you need to add in Certified Ethical Hacker Resume:

  • The most important thing is to put all the important stuff at the beginning so that it will suddenly catch your employer’s attention.
  • Only include the name of those companies as your past work which are well known and have good reputation.
  • If you have got some kind of awards or certificates in hacking, mention them in your resume and attach the documents too.
  • Everyone knows the duties and responsibilities of hackers so tell about your achievements instead of duties.
  • Use more digits and fewer words because digits are easy to scan and process.
  • Always talk about your education and employment history in separate sections. It will be better if you start with your most recent job and the degree and then go in the past to talk about previous stuff.

Things not to add in the Resume:

  • Don’t use a resume which contains more than one page.
  • Don’t use complicated font and different colors instead stick to a single color and font.
  •  There is no need to include personal information.
  • Don’t add information about the jobs that has nothing to do with hacking or computer operating.

Here is preview of this free sample Certified Ethical Hacker Resume created using MS Word,

Certified Ethical Hacker Resume

Here is download link for this Certified Ethical Hacker Resume,

Download Certified Ethical Hacker Resume

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