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Civil Engineer Resume

A civil or construction project starts with an idea from the architect and it goes through the civil engineers before execution. A civil engineer is a professional who is responsible for executing a construction project. These engineers work in different field from building construction to highway and roads construction to airport constructions and many others. A civil engineer has the responsibility of receiving the paper work on the idea of construction and after developing a plan, gathering team for the execution of the plan.

Job Responsibilities of a Civil Engineer:

  • Meeting with the client and architect to evaluate and analyze the surveys and research plans before preparing a construction plan for the project
  • Preparing paper work for the needs and requirements of the project including men power, construction material, transport and machinery
  • Inspecting the site before starting the construction process and doing various tests
  • Hiring construction foremen and other supervisors to handle and lead different teams of workers
  • Assigning tasks and parts of the project to different teams and explaining their roles and responsibilities
  • Overseeing and observing progress of the project and eliminating possible delays

Salary of a Civil Engineer:

When it comes to salary of a civil engineer, it mostly depends on the geographical location where the engineer is working along with the type of construction. For example, these engineers earn more money in UAE for building construction as compared to others who work in USA in government department or private sector. Usually the salary of a civil engineer is from $50,000 to $100,000 per year at the start of the career and after 3-5 years of experience and good reputation, it can go up to $250,000 per year.

Useful tips for creating a Civil Engineer Resume:

  • Start with creating a unique objective at the top of the resume or you can also put your career summary instead of an objective. Usually people add an objective in the resume but you can also add a career summary which is an upgraded form of resume objective.
  • Use more bullet points and figures rather than long and dense paragraphs that are hard to read and understand.
  • Always talk about your accomplishments rather than talking about previous job responsibilities.
  • Never talk about your expected salary in the resume but save it to discuss in the personal interview later.
  • Always make separate sections for each kind of information i.e. personal information, employment history and educational achievements.
  • If you have additional skills that will help you on this job, add them too.
  • During the study or your employment, if you received certificates and additional diplomas related to civil engineering, discuss about them in the resume.
  • It’s not a good idea to create a resume with more than 2 pages. Always make sure to keep the resume short and only include the details that are crucial and vital.
  • Never send the resume without proofreading it entirely. Once you complete it, go through it once or twice to see if there are any mistakes that you can remove in time.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Civil Engineer Resume created using MS Word,

Civil Engineer Resume

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