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Database Architect Resume

Database is a virtual storeroom for storing and entering data files via computer. Small databases are desktop based which means the data is stored in the same computer in which it is entered where on the other hand, large or global databases are server based. This means that multiple users enter data in the database from various locations via different computers and these data files are stored and secured in the same database which is running at someplace else with help of internet.

It is pretty understandable that when it comes to large or international databases, the most important thing is to secure data and eliminate any hacking or breaching which is done by designing the database. This process is done by the database architect who evaluates the needs and requirements of a client or company and then designs the infrastructure of a database. Senior database architects only create the design and supervise the developers while they develop the structure where the junior level database architects design and create the database with the team members side by side.

Job Responsibilities of a Database Architect:

  • Meeting with the client or company executives and understanding what their needs and requirements are
  • Presenting various options of different types of databases according to their needs
  • Assisting the client in explaining the work and features of each database
  • Confirming with the client what specific type of database they want
  • Designing the database with the development team
  • Assigning different tasks to team members and supervising their work activities
  • Getting the final product and conducting tests on it
  • Implementing the database in the organization or company
  • Explaining the work and other features of the database to the users and employees
  • Providing troubleshooting and support services for maintenance, repair and upgrade of the database

Salary of a Database Architect:

Database architects are the real mind and thoughts behind the design and infrastructure of a database and this is why they get paid very good salaries. These architects work both in development agencies and as freelancer. Usually these architects get paid per project where they can earn up to $100,000 per year in the beginning of the career and after doing some projects, they can get up to $150,000 to $200,000 per year.

Useful Tips for Creating a Database Architect Resume:

  • Objective in the resume is very important and it’s one of the essential elements too.
  • Objective is the key element that ensures the employer about your skills and expertise that you want to use on the job.
  • Understand the job description and write an objective that matches with the requirements.
  • The most important thing to take care while creating a resume is to decide which type of resume should one use.
  • There is functional resume, chronological and professional formats that you can use but make sure to use the right kind of format according to your experience and job description.
  • It is good to include your skills in the resume but it’s not like you can just make a list of your skills and that’s it.
  • You need to backup your skills and qualities in the perspective of the job you are applying for.
  • Explain how your expertise and skills will help you to perform on the job so that employer can think of you as a better candidate.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Database Architect Resume created using MS Word,

Database Architect Resume

Here is download link for this Database Architect Resume,

Download Database Architect Resume

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