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Dentist Resume

Dentist is a professional who takes care of our teeth and when we have some problem such as pain, cavity or damaged enamel, we go to the dentist. In some places a dentist is also called a doctor on teeth but mostly the word doctor is associated with the general physicians and surgeons but actually a dentist is equivalent to a doctor because of the four years medical education and house practice. A doctor is a professional who has earned higher degree in dentistry and practiced under a senior supervision to implement all the methods and techniques he has learned during the educational period. Mostly dentists run their private clinics but there are some government hospitals who hire these teeth specialists as a permanent member of their staff.

Job Responsibilities of a Dentist:

  • Obviously the key responsibility of a dentist is to diagnose the patients with problem they are having in their teeth and implement the appropriate treatment process.
  • Making sure that there is no possibility of transfer of an infectious disease and always using masks, gloves and hand sanitizers before and after each treatment.
  • Making sure that the patient is given the right amount of anesthesia so that he doesn’t feel the pain during the treatment.
  • Before removing a tooth, ensuring that there is nothing else to do and this is the last option.
  • Making X-rays of mouth to implant an artificial tooth or fill a cavity of a patient.
  • Briefing the general public in conferences and seminars about the methods of taking care of their teeth.
  • Giving the instructions to the patient about what should he eat and when to take the medicine after a dental treatment.

Salary of a Dentist:

Usually dentists run their private clinics or teeth care centers and in that case, the earning of a dentist depends upon the work hours he spends in the clinic or the number of patients he deals with on daily basis. On the other hand, when a dentist is hired by a hospital, he works on regular salary which is about $60000 per year. This figure mainly depends upon the expertise of individual and the experience he has in this career. some dentist who run their own clinics, treat the patient on session basis which is about $20 per session if it’s s general checkup and about $50 if it’s a time consuming treatment.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Dentist Resume:

  • Your resume should contain a unique objective which you write by yourself. Read the job ad carefully and then decide to write 2 to 3 lines as an objective for that job.
  • Put your name in bold fonts at the start of the resume so it will get noticed immediately.
  • Put all the information about your professional education and extra certificates that you have gained during the regular studies like in dentistry.
  • When describing your past experience, there is no need to put details of a job you had 20 years ago unless it’s very important and needs to include. Keep in mind that lengthy paragraphs of your previous experiences will bore your recruiter and he would rather like to pass to the next applicant.
  • Instead of talking about your duties and tasks, put information about your achievements and goals that you have reached. And also put that in single lines not in dense paragraphs.
  • This job has a lot of work of dealing with different people so if you have special skills in this field, write that too. This will give you extra edge among other applicants.

Elements not to include in this Resume:

  • Exclude any of the basic information like marital status or hobbies.
  • Don’t send out a resume before proofreading it or better ask someone else to do it for you.
  • Don’t add any references unless you are asked to. Save that for later and when you have given an interview that’s the time to let someone else speak for you.
  • Don’t discuss any of your previous volunteer work unless it’s much related to the vacancy you are applying for.

Sample Dentist Resume:

Here is preview of this free sample Dentist Resume created using MS Word,

Dentist Resume

Here is download link for this Dentist Resume,

Download Dentist Resume

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