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Dietary Technician Resume

A dietary technician works in supervision of a senior dietitian and to prepare meal charts, diet plans and nutrition charts for clients. Some of these technicians also work solely with individual clients to prepare their diet charts or to make shopping lists for them. It’s the main duty of a dietary technician to keep a close eye on client’s eating habits and the needs of his body so that the client won’t damage his or her body by not providing the essential amount of calories. There is no need to study medical if you want to become a dietary technician but you have to acquire at least an associate’s degree from a well recognized institution in nutrition sciences, dietary plans or the human needs of food and calories. Once you have earned your degree from the institute, you have to spend at least 500 hours under supervision of a senior nutritionist or diet planner so that you can implement the studies in practical life during this training period.

Job Responsibilities of a Dietary Technician:

  • Observe the client’s food needs and habits; prepare a brief report and handover it to the senior dietitian or nutritionist.
  • Interviewing the client to get the information about what she wants to change in the body, what are her favorite foods, her working schedule and eating timings etc? This all will help to make the diet chart for the client.
  • Making different food charts and eating schedules for each client while keeping their preferences in mind.
  • When working with an individual client, supervising the food preparation methods and making sure it has the right amount of calories.
  • Measuring weight and other body measurements of clients to examine the progress and changes.
  • Attending seminars and conferences to share research programs and to get to know the findings of other researchers.

Salary of a Dietary Technician:

A dietary technician is kind of an assistant to a senior dietitian but the good news is that this career pays a lot more than an assistant’s job. The main factor that affects the salary of a dietary technician is the size of their workplace and the number of clients one can handle on daily basis. Most of the times people hire these technicians on hourly basis but there are some technicians who get paid for the entire session of the therapy. On hourly basis, a technician earns about $20 per hour and on regular basis, one earns about $55000 per year.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Dietary Technician Resume:

  • Always write a new objective which matches the job you are applying for. Analyze the job carefully and then write a few sentences which show that you are the best choice for the job.
  • Write your name and contact information at the start of the resume so it will be easy to see and remember.
  • Then start telling about your studies and write about the most recent degree and then go back in time up to high school. If you have done some extra studies in nursing short courses, put that info on the resume too.
  • Now write about your previous experiences and start with the most recent job and then go back in time. If you have a lot of past jobs to tell about, don’t make your resume look dense and only discuss the most important and relevant jobs.
  • There is no need to add personal information like your marital status or number of kids. This is useless and no one cares to read it.
  • If you have some extra abilities and have technical experience of operating a machine or equipment in operation room or a laboratory, discuss that on the resume so they will know you have something other don’t.

Elements not to include in this Resume:

  • Don’t use a resume which contains more than one page and if there is a lot of information to put, only use important ones.
  • There is nothing wrong with having no experience so leave some blank space in your resume but don’t lie about any previous job or education.
  • Don’t put useless information like your very personal details such as marital status or social security number because no one will have time to review all that.
  • Don’t add extra skills unless they are relevant to the technician job. Many applicants think that skills like typing speed or operating computer software are very important and needs to add but let’s face the reality that this is just a mess.

Sample Dietary Technician Resume:

Here is preview of this free sample Dietary Technician Resume created using MS Word,

Dietary Technician Resume

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