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Dot NET Architect Resume

The websites that are running on Internet are developed in different languages i.e. Java, PHP and .NET. A professional who understands who .NET language works and how to develop websites and computer applications in this language is known as .NET architect. Usually these professionals are hired by application and software development agencies where they work with different clients but if a company or organization deals with various types of application developed in .NET language, they also hire a permanent .NET architect who develops new applications, remove errors from existing applications and troubleshoot the problems in the website or application.

Job of a .NET architect starts when there is a problem or error in the existing program that he needs to encounter and remove from the program or when a client has the need to develop a new website or application in the .NET language and he hires the architect to understand the needs and requirements and develop the design and actual application or website. Once the client is provided with the final product, the architect explains how it works and how to deal with different features along with providing troubleshooting and supper services for the upgrade and maintenance of the website or application.

Job Responsibilities of a .NET Architect:

  • Meeting with the client and understanding their needs and requirements for the website or application
  • Presenting various and different options according to their needs
  • Assisting the client to define the features and characteristics of each option
  • Making sure the client is agreed to go with a particular application
  • Making list of needs and requirements of the client with the application
  • Gathering team of developers and technical staff members
  • Assigning different tasks to team members and supervising their work activities
  • Eliminating any delays or errors throughout the development process
  • Testing the final product
  • Handing over the product to the client
  • Signing the technology assignment agreement with the client
  • Explaining the work and other features of the database to the users and employees
  • Providing supper and maintenance services to the client

Salary of a .NET Architect:

As we talk about .NET architects, they mostly work per project which means they are hired by a client for a project and as the project completes, they move on to another client and a new application. This also explains that these architects get paid per project unless they work for a development agency where they are hired on regular salaries for permanent or long-term basis. Usually earning of a .NET architect starts from $120,000 to $180,000 per year.

Useful tips for creating a .NET Architect Resume:

  • A common resume gets around 10 seconds of consideration before the employer decides to throw it in the trash and you need to make those 10 seconds worth.
  • Prioritize your stuff on the resume with putting the most important information at the top and keeping the less important stuff for the end.
  • Many people make the mistake that they add the name and contact information on the first page but when there are 2 or even 3 pages, they don’t put their contact details or even their names on other pages.
  • You should make sure that you put your name and contact details on each page of the resume.
  • Always make sure to proofread the contents of the resume after you finish it.

Sample .NET Architect Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Dot NET Architect Resume created using MS Word,

Dot Net Architect Resume

Here is download link for this Dot NET Architect Resume,

Download Dot NET Architect Resume

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