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Drafter Resume

In civil engineering or any other type of engineering, there is a person that deals with all the ideas of the engineers and put them in a shape on the paper with help of computer and software programs. This professional designer is called a drafter. Usually when we talk about this person, we mix the idea of a drafter and an architect but in reality, these two are completely different. An architect can be a drafter but it’s not must for a drafter to be an architect too. Usually when architects think about a design or model of a building, they talk to the drafter and ask him to draw their thoughts and designs on paper so that the client can see it. There are various design programs that can be used for drafting but most of the time; AutoCAD is the only one that is used by the most professional drafters.

Salary of a Drafter:

As we have described above that a drafter drafts sketches for construction companies and individuals so most of the times, these professionals are hired by individual clients and the rates are usually per project. For example a drafter is hired to draw a sketch for a 1200 square feet residential building, he will earn around $5000 for the entire job either it completes in one day or 1 month. Only the construction and government departments hire these employees on permanent basis and in that case, a drafter earns around $40000 per year.

Here are the elements you need to add in Drafter Resume:

  • The key purpose of your resume is to get you an interview so you better keep that in mind.
  • Give a short and precise description of your previous jobs and start with the most recent job. Only enlist the important jobs and don’t go decades back in discussing your career when you were a teenager.
  • It is better if you talk about your education and employment in separate sections and always start with the most recent job or certificate.
  • Do the same when discussing your educational history. By starting your professional degree tell everything up to graduation. If you attended extra finance or accounting courses, write that too.
  • Proofread the resume more than once and look for little spelling mistakes as this will ruin your image if the employer catches any errors in your resume.

Things not to add in the Drafter Resume:

  • Don’t make your resume too long or too short as some people try to include all the details regardless if it’s necessary or not.
  • There is no need to add a personal information section because the recruiter is interested in your expertise not in your hobbies or marital status.
  • No matter how important was it and how great the reference is; don’t add anything about a job which is not related to drafting or sketching.
  • Unless you are asked to, don’t provide references in the first place.

Here is free sample Drafter Resume created using MS Word,

Drafter Resume

Here is download link for this Drafter Resume,

Download Drafter Resume

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