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Enterprise Architect Resume

An enterprise architect deals with organizational architect including the management and IT services. Usually these enterprise architects are hired by big or global organizations where they work side by side with stakeholders and executive management staff members i.e. directors and partners. The key responsibility of an enterprise architect is to create a holistic presentation of company’s processes, strategies, and information technology and assessment assets. As you can understand that IT is very important for any business and organization so the enterprise architects use the available information to evaluate if the IT and business strategies are aligned for better performance. These architects compares the business strategies, plans, goals and objectives along with business policies with the information technology being used in the organization to evaluate the current and future needs of the company.

Job Responsibilities of an Enterprise Architect:

  • Working side by side with the executive management members in the organization and understanding the policies, strategies, goals and objectives of the organization
  • Working with the staff members of information technology department and observing their work activities
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of information technology department
  • Comparing that evaluation with the organization’s goals and strategies to create different architectural models for current and future needs of the organization
  • Presenting different options and suggestions to the executive staff members and higher management
  • Assisting the staff members to understand features and benefits for each architectural model
  • Implementing a selected architectural model in the organization and evaluating its effectiveness

Salary of an Enterprise Architect:

As you have read above that enterprise architects are very important for any organization as they develop business plans for the future of the organization and they are considered as a part of executive or upper level management. This is why these architects are hired on very good salaries. Usually a salary of an enterprise architect depends on the geographical location of the organization and size of the company but mostly these architects can earn around $120,000 per year in the start of their careers.

Useful Tips for Creating Enterprise Architect Resume:

  • If you are asked to send the resume via email, make sure that you attach all the required files in the email and also don’t forget to put the subject as an email without subject usually looks like spam.
  • It is sure that it will take more time and effort but it is really important that whenever you want to send an application, you write a customized resume for each kind of job.
  • Read the job description thoroughly and then create the resume in such a way that the employer wants to see it.
  • It is very important that you create separate sections in the resume and include different kind of information in each individual section i.e. contact information section, previous employment section, education section and special skills and expertise section.
  • Resume is just a professional document that presents you in front of the employer. Keep in mind that it’s not an essay for a contest so you need to keep it short and concise. One page resume is enough but if you have lots of jobs and experience, you can use just one extra sheet.
  • This will give the employer more time to go through your resume thoroughly before dozens of other resumes arrive a day before the deadline.

Sample Enterprise Architect Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Enterprise Architect Resume created using MS Word,

Enterprise Architect Resume

Here is download link for this Enterprise Architect Resume,

Download Enterprise Architect Resume

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