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Entry Level Java Developer Resume

An entry-level java developer is an employee who is hired by a computer program development company and he doesn’t have any experience in this field. Usually these employees are fresh students and as they haven’t worked before, they are first hired as entry level developers so that they can observe the senior developers and learn from them.

Job Responsibilities of the Entry Level Java Developer Resume:

  • Understanding that the key responsibility of an entry level java developer is to observe senior developers and learn from them
  • Assisting the senior staff members and helping them out in the office for regular tasks
  • Sitting with senior staff members and watching them work on the development
  • Suggesting different things to the senior members when required
  • Helping the other developers in the office with their problems and difficulties
  • Working with developed programs and evaluating their effectiveness
  • Reporting the errors in the program to the senior or trying to solve them

Salary of the Entry Level Java Developer Resume:

You can understand that java is a very important and highly complex language which means not many of the developers choose this language and that’s the reason we see only a few good java developers around us. The complexity of this job makes it more special and one of the best and highly paid jobs in the world. There are different companies that hire the fresh java developers and they work as the entry level developers and earn around $50,000 per year but this figure is different in each company around the world.

Essential Skills to include in the Entry Level Java Developer Resume:

  • Good EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) skills
  • Good windows platform skills
  • Good XML skills
  • Good skills of java based web programs
  • Good management skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Being a good team player
  • Being highly motivated
  • Being able to work under stress

Useful Tips for writing the Entry Level Java Developer Resume:

  • Give a short and precise description of your previous jobs and start with the most recent job. Only enlist the important jobs and don’t go decades back in discussing your career when you were a teenager.
  • Unless it’s related and very important, you shouldn’t talk about your each and every job. Start with the most recent or most important job and then go backward up to your first job as an intern in this career.
  • A few years back if you worked in a field related to research or lab work, discuss that but there is no need to add anything about coffee shop counter job.
  • Talk about your education history and provide everything about your professional degree in computer sciences or java language and graduation diploma but there is absolutely no need to talk about high school education as reader knows that you have passed it.
  • There is no need to add anything too personal in your nursing resume as this is an official document and no one will have time to read all of that useless information like your marital status or hobbies.

Sample Entry Level Java Developer Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Entry Level Java Developer Resume created using MS Word,

Entry Level Web Developer Resume

Here is download link for this Entry Level Java Developer Resume,

Download Entry Level Java Developer Resume

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