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Fitness Instructor Resume

Fitness instructor who is also known as aerobics instructor is a professional who trains individuals to maintain their body figure or help them to reduce their weight. Mostly these types of professionals are hired by players, models and actors who want to keep their body healthy and want to maintain their weight at a specific level. Generally we see these professionals working with females who have a career in television or movies and their body and fitness is their key asset in the career. Usually these instructors run their private fitness centers in which they train both individuals and groups of people. There are some big organizations or international companies who hire these instructors for their office staff in order to keep them healthy and provide them these fitness classes in the workplace.

Job responsibilities of a Fitness Instructor:

  • Explaining the role and importance or exercise and healthy food in one’s life and making him believe that he certainly can achieve whatever fitness goals he has in his mind.
  • Starting by interviewing each client and finding out his eating habits and work schedules in order to prepare a diet chart for him.
  • Deciding if a person can learn in group or needs to be trained individually.
  • Keeping the goals in mind, developing a diet and exercise schedule for each client and making sure he achieves what he wants within the time limit he has already provided.
  • Providing a peaceful and appropriate environment for each individual i.e. lights, music, temperature and other elements.
  • Making progress reports for each client in order to measure his progress ratio and to change the strategy if something isn’t working according to plan.
  • In case a particular client is having some troubles or isn’t happy with workout routines, changing it and implementing new techniques.

Salary of a Fitness Instructor:

Mostly fitness instructors run their private health centers or exercise gyms but many of them also get jobs in hospitals, schools and other fields as well. The income of an instructor who is running his own business is practically unlimited and he can make as much he wants by working more and spending extra time with the clients. On the other hand, these instructors are hired by schools and hospitals on regular salaries where one makes about $50000 per year. Many of them also work on hourly basis where they charge about $15 per hour.

Here are the guidelines to create a Fitness Instructor Resume:

  • Be precise in writing objective for your resume because it’s the main part that catches the eye of the recruiter. Write a unique objective that shows compatibility with the junior accountant job.
  • At the top, add your basic information like name, DOB, phone number and mail address.
  • If you have any previous experience in health instruction, discuss that here but if you don’t have that much experience, list that a little bellow.
  • There will many applicants for the job you applied for, so prepare a resume which stands you different among others. List extra abilities which you have gained during previous works which will help you on this job.
  • In the education section, provide all the details about your studies and extra courses you attended. Provide institution name, course name and passing year for each degree.
  • Write about your previous achievements instead of duties and tasks because everyone knows that about the health fitness career so only tell the things which are new for the reader.

Elements not to include in this resume:

  • Don’t use a resume of more than one page and if there is too much to discuss, only share the important stuff and keep the remaining for the interview.
  • Don’t use multicolor fonts and keep the resume as simple as possible.
  • There is no need to discuss about a job or education which is not related to fitness instruction job because it’s just useless and no one will be interested in reading that.

Sample Fitness Instructor Resume:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Fitness Instructor Resume created using MS Word,

Fitness Instructor Resume

Here is download link for this Fitness Instructor Resume,

Download Fitness Instructor Resume

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