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Front Desk Coordinator Resume

A front desk coordinator is an employee of an office or business who sits on the reception counter and has the first contact with incoming clients and visitors. He or she meets them, assist them to find the person or office they are looking for, answering their queries and providing them written and oral information about the company’s products, services and policies. The key job of a coordinator is to make sure that all the interactions between management, employees, customers, visitors and outside services run as smoothly as possible. Generally we refer to this post as the customer care services provider as this job requires you to interact with people for the most of the day. This is the same person who answers the telephone calls coming from outside clients and customers assist them with what they want to know, resolve their problem if possible otherwise refer them to the services department and making appointments for the general visits of the clients.

When a company hires a front desk coordinator, he or most of the times she is required to perform a number of duties such as:

  • Welcome incoming visitors and clients, referring them to the office or employee they are looking for or ask them to take a seat if that worker is busy at the moment.
  • Answering phone calls, transferring them to the righteous employee and if that worker is busy, taking the message and delivering it later to that employee.
  • Providing company information i.e. history, achievements, products and services they are offering to the clients who are asking in person or over the phone.
  • When a specific employee is not available, receiving a delivery on his behalf and later passing it to him.
  • Prepare and maintain a visitor sign in sheet to keep a record about who came in the office today.
  • Maintain a regular list about the upcoming events in the office i.e. meetings, conferences and presentations and to deliver this information to other employees of the office.

In my personal opinion, I don’t consider it a real job as the duties are pretty much flexible and almost anyone can do this job and because it doesn’t pay you very good. The lower salary ratio is the main thing that only teenagers and old people like to do this job as they can’t do anything else. The students join this career to support their study or pocket money and due to the facility of hourly work, they have much time to study as regular student. Females who have a family to support and can’t do a full time job or up until now they didn’t do any other job and doesn’t know anything else, they work as front desk officers. Although their salary figure varies from company to company but generally a front desk coordinator earns up to $25000 per year and if he or she is working on hourly wages, it’s about $6 per hour. This doesn’t seems that good but as it’s mentioned above that this is just a part time or temporary job and you can’t adopt this career for long term if you have to support a whole family.

Key elements to include in a front desk coordinator resume:

  • Make separate sections for each kind of information and keep them separate from each other.
  • Start with information section in which you put your name and contact details like residential address and phone number. Always put this on top and don’t use in between the paragraphs.
  • You have two choices like either you want to write an objective or want to go with career summary. In case of choosing second one, give a brief but short detail about your work history and a little about each and every job. If you want to write an objective, use your own words and write what you want to do on the job.
  • In the experience section, provide details of every related employment and start with the most recent job. Write job title, company name and employment duration is this section for each job.
  • In the educational section, you write about your studies and extra short courses you attend during college life. Start with the professional degree and discuss every important course. Give institution mane, course name and passing year for each degree.
  • If you have achieved some awards or something like that, mention that here.
  • If you have special skills like multi-language, fast typing speed or excellent bonding power with the customer, mention that too.

Elements not to include in a front desk resume:

  • Don’t use a picture in this particular type of resume. This is not an act relating job and putting a picture is such a childish thing.
  • Avoid being too personal while writing your personal information. No one will have that much time to read all that so don’t make you resume too long with useless stuff.
  • Don’t use a resume which contains more than one page. If the information is too much, save some for later to discuss at the interview.
  • Don’t consider it complete until you have proofread it. Do it twice or ask someone else to do it for you.
  • Don’t use any fake information or skills because eventually you will be caught and that won’t be a good moment for you.
  • If you had some problem at some job, don’t include that employer in your reference list.

Sample Front Desk Coordinator Resume:

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Front Desk Coordinator Resume

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