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Hotel Sales Manager Resume

You might not think of a hotel as a business but this is a fact that hotels are considered as a big business opportunity with millions of clients that travel to different destinations around the world. In order to expand this business and acquire more clients, hotels hire sales managers. The key responsibility of these sales managers is to meet with potential clients and convince them to use a particular hotel when they travel to different destinations. This way we can say that a hotel sales manager is the actual face of a hotel that meets with clients and present different services and offers to them.

Job Responsibilities of Hotel Sales Manager:

  • Understanding what a hotel stands for and what it offers to customers
  • Scheduling meetings with customers
  • Meeting with customers and understanding their traveling needs and conditions
  • Offering them hotel services and different packages that they might like
  • Assisting customers with their needs and helping them understand different elements
  • Providing written material i.e. brochure, pamphlets to clients
  • Keeping in contact with them in order to attract them
  • Preparing sales reports and informing hotel administration about clients
  • Providing customers care services to the clients and taking steps to solve their complaints

Salary of Hotel Sales Manager:

The salary of a hotel sales manager mainly depends on the type and size of hotel along with the geographical location of the hotel too. Small and local hotels pay lesser salaries to the sales managers as compared to big and international hotels that have global reputation around the world. Some hotels hire these sales managers on regular salaries where mostly these employees are hired on hourly basis. It is not very common but usually a hotel sales manager earns up to $45000 per year and around $20 per hour while working on hourly wages.

Key Skills Required for Hotel Sales Manager job:

  • Good people skills
  • Excellent management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good personality
  • Time and resource management skills
  • Multitasking
  • Good organization skills
  • Being a good team player
  • Good coordination skills

Some Useful Tips for Writing Hotel Sales Manager Resume:

  • There is no way you use an old objective from another job application because the objective is the one thing that attracts the recruiter so you better make it different.
  • Spend some time with the resume and pour your own thoughts on paper instead of just copy pasting sentences.
  • Unless you are asked, don’t provide any references in the first place but save them for later.
  • Once you are called for an interview, then it’s the time to give them the information about your employment history.
  • Unless it’s related and very important, you shouldn’t talk about your each and every job. Start with the most recent or most important job and then go backward up to your first job as an intern in this career.
  • Don’t write useless or irrelevant stuff in your resume such as your hobbies or skills that has nothing to do with this job.

Sample Hotel Sales Manager Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Hotel Sales Manager Resume created using MS Word,

Hotel Sales Manager Resume

Here is download link for this Hotel Sales Manager Resume,

Download Hotel Sales Manager Resume

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