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HR Recruiter Resume

HR is a very common and frequent position in organizations and companies these days. In fact, a company can’t be considered complete without HR department. This is the department that decides what will be the job responsibilities of each position in a company and what it will take for a person to fulfill that position. Moreover these staff members also decide the salary ranges for company employees, additional bonuses and incentives, commissions on sales, promotions and demotions in the company.

With the recruitment department in the company, HR department also decides which employees need to be let go and when it’s time to hire new staff for the company. When the job of a HR manager is that tough and high profile, it takes a different recruiter to hire these employees for HR department in a company and we also know them as HR recruiters.

Salary of a HR recruiter:

The salary of a HR recruiter varies in different cultures and businesses. Some organizations pay more to these employees where some pay less.  It generally starts from $55000 in the starting of the career and after some experience, it goes up to $100000-$125000 per year. Countries like England and America pay these recruiters very good salaries with yearly bonuses on excellent performance or using their intuitions at the right time where on the other hand, Asian countries like Pakistan and India doesn’t pay very good salaries to their recruiters because these countries largely use typical business methods which doesn’t always include accounting staff. In fact, there are many organizations and companies in Asia that only hire these recruiters on hourly basis which pays around $10 per hour.

Here are the guidelines to create a HR recruiter resume:

  • Write an objective which shows your creative side and stands you different among other applicants.
  • Put your name and contact information in bold characters at the top of your resume so it will be easy to see and remember.
  • Then add about your education starting from the most recent degree and then going till your college studies.
  • Add about your past experiences in just a single sentence and don’t use dense paragraphs where it will be so difficult to analyze it.
  •  Start from your most recent job and them go on to previous ones.
  • Only add information which is relevant to the job and experiences which are related to the vacancy.

Elements not to include in this resume:

  • Stick to one page resume and no matter how much experience you have, don’t send out a resume with more than one page.
  • Don’t use an old objective from a different job application because every job is one of a kind.
  • If you have no experience, leave that space empty but don’t you dare to lie.
  • If you have done a lot of work, it’s better to only list the important ones. Your resume will stay only for 10-15 seconds in the recruiter’s hands so don’t make it too hard to analyze.

Here is preview of this Free Sample HR Recruiter Resume created using MS Word,

HR Recruiter Resume

Here is download link for this HR Recruiter Resume,

Download HR Recruiter Resume

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