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ICU Nurse Resume

An ICU nurse, who is usually called a critical care nurse too, is kind of like a professional assistant to the staff operating in an intensive care unit in a hospital. This professional nurse has the abilities to assist and cooperate in the operation theater where the most critical patients and injury victims are admitted and being treated. An ICU nurse has to pass all the basic tests related to surgery, operations, staying put in critical or intense situations and deciding with their own experiences, sometimes. Unlike a usual operation theater, an ICU is more complicated and it’s very easy to lose the mind of kind of fall into the serious situation of a patient when he is all covered with blood or injures. It takes a lot of patience and control on mind to operate or even watch such a person being treated in the intensive care unit and an ICU nurse has got all the abilities and skills to stand in the room.

Job Responsibilities of an ICU Nurse:

  • Preparing the operation theatre and the patient for the treatment and making the medical chart for the patient including basic and medical related information about the patient such as his age, gender, present situation, and type on injury, special treatments the patient will need soon and alternate plans in case something goes wrong.
  • Taking the patient into ICU and putting him on the operation table, helping the surgeons with their gowns, gloves and masks.
  • Sterilizing the supplies and instruments needed in operation the operating the equipments inside the ICU.
  • Briefing the doctors and surgeons about the symptoms and external situation of the patient and the strategies that are necessary to start the operation.
  • Handing over the supplies during the operation and informing the doctors about the equipment results during the treatment.
  • Briefing the patient’s family members during the operation and asking them to get the necessary medicines and blood if needed.
  • Taking care of the patient after the operation such as changing his gown, wiping the blood off of his body and transferring him to another room for later treatments.

Salary of an ICU Nurse:

Usually the responsibilities of an ICU nurse differ in various hospitals and other medical facilities. Some nurses are just assist inside the ICU during the operation and other also take care of the patient once it’s transferred to another room. This is why the salary of an ICU nurse also varies according to their duties and the size of the hospital they work in. for example a big hospital in a central city treats more patients as compared to a small private hospital in a town. Usually an ICU nurse earns about $80000 per year which goes up to $95000 after one to two years of experience. There are some hospitals that hire this nursing staff on hourly basis and in that case, one earns about $25 per hour.

Here are the guidelines to create an ICU Nurse Resume:

  • Instead of writing an objective, tell a short summary of your abilities and experiences related to the job you are applying for.
  • Realize your employer that how you and your skills will benefit their hospital or clinic.
  • Only add a little bit about your hobbies at the end only if they are related to the job you are applying for. Instead, skip them.
  • 2 pages are fine if you have a very long experience and there is no need to add a third one. In case of experience more than 15-20 years, just add information about the most recent or most important jobs.
  • When writing about different hospitals and clinics you worked in your past designations, first write the name of medical facility then job title, date you started the job there, date you left that hospital and a little about your achievements at that job.

Elements not to include in this ICU Nurse Resume:

  • Don’t use a resume which contains more than one page. If there is not enough space, skip the less important stuff.
  • Don’t use a colorful or multi font resume because simpler you make it, easy it will be to analyze.
  • Don’t lie about your education or experience. Leave the resume blank if there isn’t much to put.
  • No matter how great it was and skilled it made you, don’t discuss a job which has nothing to do with dental practice.
  • Don’t provide your references at the beginning unless you are asked to.

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ICU Nurse Resume

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