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Industrial Engineer Resume

An industrial engineer has the job of executing projects of manufacturing new and existing products with better performance and lesser resources. It doesn’t matter what kind of industry we talk, these engineers can be found everywhere around the world in all kinds of industries and manufacturing plants. From electric appliance manufacturer to automobile producer to food and clothing industry, every company hires these industrial engineers to supervise the work of the machinery and to lead the team of workers and employees inside the work place.

Job Responsibilities of an Industrial Engineer:

  • Meeting with production manager and understanding the needs and requirements of a new project
  • Understanding the plans and strategies for manufacturing process
  • Creating plans and methods for the execution of the project
  • Preparing paper work and other documents to enlist the required men power, machinery and equipment for the manufacturing process
  • Meeting with suppliers in the market and evaluating different brands of equipment or machinery to ensure best quality is provided to the production unit
  • Receiving material, equipment and machinery from the supplier and installing it in the production unit
  • Conducting different tests on the installed machinery to ensure its quality and compatibility
  • Meeting with foremen and supervisors to explain the work and process of the machinery and equipment
  • Supervising the work activities of employees and workers on the machinery and advising them for making their performance better

Salary of an Industrial Engineer:

It is quite obvious that the salary of an industrial engineer mostly depends on the type of industry in which he is working along with his experience, education and geographical location including country and state. These engineers earn more money in United States as compared to Asian countries and Middle East locations i.e. Dubai, Oman and Sharjah. Usually salary of an industrial engineer starts from $50,000 per year and it can go up to $120,000 in specific cases i.e. oil refinery engineering that pays more money than other industries. It is very common that textile industries pay less money to their engineers as compared to chemical industries.

Useful Tips for Creating an Industrial Engineer Resume:

  • Make separate sections for each kind of information to discuss in the resume i.e. educational section, previous employment section and personal info section.
  • Now it’s time to add your qualification and other educational achievements in the studies. Here you can start from your graduation diploma and remember to add the extra certificates and courses you attended.
  • You can also add a career or previous employment summary if you want.
  • If you don’t have good experience, never put it at the top or even in the middle.
  • Spend some quality time with the resume and never do it in a hurry. It is better that as soon you hear about an opening, you create a resume and send it immediately.
  • If you have got some extra certificates along with regular study, attach them with your resume.
  • Only include the name of those companies as your past work which are well known and have good reputation.

Never send the resume without reading it at least twice so that you can point out the mistakes and errors.

Sample Industrial Engineer Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Industrial Engineer Resume created using MS Word,

Industrial Engineer Resume

Here is download link for this Industrial Engineer Resume,

Download Industrial Engineer Resume


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