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Insurance Agent Resume

It is not very complicated that how important is to get an insurance for yourself and your property. People can’t depend on their incomes all the time and for unusual or accidental damages, they need someone to depend on and ask for help. Insurance companies do the same job as they require you to buy an insurance policy; pay monthly charges for the insurance and in the future whenever you have an uncertain situation that company will pay for your expenses or damages.

The insurance can be of your life, your vehicles, your property, your business or anything else that you want. This way when you damage your car in an accident, you don’t need to pay for any repair work if your car is insured. The professional salesman that sells insurance policies is called an insurance agent. He is also referred to as insurance representative or insurance salesman. He is the one who meets with clients and convince them to buy insurance policies.

Job Responsibilities of Insurance Agent:

  • Analyzing the market and the potential clients in the market that may need insurance policies.
  • Preparing a list for all the clients and fixing meetings with them.
  • Meeting with the clients and presenting the insurance policy he is selling.
  • Making sure that each client understands the working and criteria of the insurance.
  • Once a client is agreed, preparing all the documents and paper work for the next step.
  • Meeting with previous clients and helping them in any situation they have.
  • Acting like a bridge in between the client and the company.

Salary of Insurance Agent:

Unlike other jobs, most of the insurance agents work on commissions and bonuses. It means that the more policies they sell, the more money they make. But it’s not that all the time as some agents do work on regular monthly salaries where they get bonuses on the sales too where some agent start their own offices where they represent more than one company for the clients. Usually an insurance agent earns around $60000 per year while working as a full time employee in an insurance company and when he is working on bonuses and commissions, it’s usually 50% of each policy he sells. For example, if he sells an insurance policy worth $5000, it means he will get $2500 out of it.

Here are the Guidelines to create Insurance Agent Resume:

  • Always make sure that you write new resume for each job.
  • Always proofread the resume and read it twice after finishing it.
  • Start by putting an objective in the beginning of the resume.
  • After that, you should share details of your studies and professional educations. Start with the most recent degree and go back up to graduation.
  • Then talk about your previous employment history i.e. the jobs that you had over the past couple of years.
  • Instead of talking about your responsibilities at previous jobs, talk about your achievements.

Things not to add in the Resume:

  • Never sent out the same resume for each job.
  • Never use multi fonts or colors in the resume.
  • Never talk about too much personal stuff in the resume such as your kids or favorite writers.

Sample Insurance Agent Resume:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Insurance Agent Resume,

Insurance Agent Resume

Here is download link for this Insurance Agent Resume,

Download Insurance Agent Resume

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