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Insurance Assistant Resume

Just like any other career and field, an insurance assistant is the one that helps seniors in the office or field. When a person is designated to the senior representative of insurance company, he has the only job to meet with the potential clients and convince them to buy insurance policies but that process is not that simple. Once a client agrees to buy a policy, it is a long process of documentations and paper work which can be overwhelming for the senior staff so the insurance companies hire assistants who help the seniors and experienced persons in these less important matters.

Job Responsibilities of Insurance Assistant:

  • Fixing meetings with potential clients and informing the senior staff about the schedules.
  • Arranging for the meeting place for both the clients and company representatives.
  • Preparing paper work for the agreed clients.
  • Helping clients understand the documents and their explanations.
  • Answering the emails and telephone calls to represent the company to the clients and answering their questions.
  • Understanding the meetings and their procedures which may help in the future when an assistant is promoted to a senior insurance agent.

Salary of Insurance Assistant:

The above content pretty much explains that this is a very low profile and basic job that just includes helping other staff members so that means, an insurance assistant may not earn that good salary too. Usually companies hire these assistants on hourly basis where they earn around $7-$8 per hour for a 6-8 hours job but there are some other insurance companies too that hire these assistants on regular monthly salaries. Although it’s not that common but some companies also pay bonuses and commissions to the insurance assistants on each sale which is around 10-15%.

Here are the Guidelines to create Insurance Assistant Resume:

  • Only include the information which is related to the career and only attach the certificates related to the insurance work.
  • If you have worked somewhere as a volunteer and earned a letter of recommendation, attach it with the resume and this will give you an extra edge.
  • If you have learned some extra skills about customer communication, mention them in your resume but also leave something to talk about in the interview.
  • Shortly discuss about your previous jobs that you won and a little bit about your techniques if you have any.
  • Always use a new and unique object for each kind of job or you can also use your career summary if you want.
  • Always discuss your educations and employment history in separate sections.

Things not to add in the Resume:

  • There is no need to use a resume of more than one page. Just eliminate the useless details like personal information and make room for important points.
  • Don’t explain your previous job duties because everyone knows that. Talk about your achievements.
  • Never use the same resume for more than one job application.
  • Never send the resume without proofreading it.

Sample Insurance Assistant Resume:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Insurance Assistant Resume created using MS Word,

Insurance Assistant Resume

Here is download link for this Insurance Assistant Resume,

Download Insurance Assistant Resume

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