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IT Manager Resume

If you are looking for the new and permanent job in the information technology then you have to design a compelling IT manager resume. High quality resume is always required to impress the potential employer to hire you. Resume should be divided into different segments for proper inclusion of contents such as function, content and general thoughts. You have to tell the truth in the resume so that you can outstand in the pool of candidates. IT managers are responsible to overlook the operations of IT system and staff. They have to make sure the accuracy of work in the IT system of the company. You can apply for this job but with an imposing IT manager resume that should be designed after consulting job description.

Job Description of IT Manager

  • IT manager is responsible to map, systematize, lead, manage and appraise the operations of the information system and electronic data processing (EDP).
  • He/she is accountable to build up and execute special policies as well as measures for the computer systems operations and development.
  • IT manager has to discuss the different necessities, stipulation, costs and timelines of company with other managers to have prolific suggestions.
  • IT manager will employ and handle information systems employees to plan, extend and successfully execute, activate and oversee the computer and telecommunication software and networks.
  • It is the liability of IT executive to manage the financial plan and expenditures of computer systems.

Tips to Write IT Manager Resume

  • In first step, you have to evaluate the job announcement for the information technology manager and then start scripting your resume. Know about the company and amass important and relevant information for your resume. This will help you to know about the nature and trends of the organization.
  • It will be better to request two to three references of former supervisors. Prioritize your vocation objectives, key actions, graduation dates, volunteering behavior and other details.
  • You can start your work by selecting a right format between sequential and practical resume formats. Recent employment and education should be placed on top of each segment because employers are interested to read them.
  • Practical resume is also known as skills resume will help you to organize know-how around specific skills. If you are fresh graduate then you can use function format to highlight your attributes related to job.
  • Body of your resume should leave an influential impact on the reader so you have to show different aspects of your behavior, credentials and skills. You can provide some additional but relevant details to increase the chances of employment.


  • Use right keywords, effective action based titles and technological names related to your position.
  • You have to describe your technical achievement and accomplishments related to specific position.
  • If you were working in the senior management role during your past jobs then you can list your responsibilities.


  • Do not include obsolete technologies unless placed strategically.
  • Do not include those technologies you do not really know because it can suspect potential employer about your credibility and qualification.
  • Do not include irrelevant experiences and negativities in your IT manager resume.

Sample IT Manager Resume:

Here is preview of this sample IT Manager Resume,

IT Manager Resume

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