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IT Recruiter Resume

IT or Information Technology is a very broad term and it includes more than hundred types of companies and department in each kind of company either it’s automobile, computing, textile or even agriculture. These days, it’s not possible to run a company appropriately without IT department in the company because these days, everything is going online from desktop computing and it’s the IT department that modifies networking systems and computer units in a company.

Job Responsibilities of an IT Recruiter:

  • First of all, keep in mind that IT recruiters are special kind of recruiters that only hire staff for IT departments in a company. This also explains that they only deal with the same kind of applicants too.
  • It includes understanding the needs of a company and coming up with right amount of position in the IT department.
  • Receiving applications for those positions in the company and filtering them to select most suitable ones.
  • Interviewing the selected candidates and then hiring only the suitable applicants for each position in the company.

Salary of an IT Recruiter:

IT recruiter’s salary varies according to the company, size of the company, departments inside the company and the position of the employee if he is a recruiter for basic employees or he hired high profile executives in the company. It also depends upon the geographical location of the company such as in America, IT recruiters are paid with high salaries where countries like India or Pakistan; these employees aren’t that important in organizations and as a result, they don’t get paid with good salary ranges. Usually an IT recruiter is paid about $75000 per year which goes up to $100000 more experience. There are some companies which also hire these employees on hourly wages and in that situation, one earns up to $15 per hour.

Here are the Guidelines to create an IT Recruiter Resume:

  • Try to keep the resume as short as possible and make sure that it doesn’t exceed of one page.
  • Think of your resume as a demonstrator for you in front of the recruiter. So design such a document that sell your capabilities and definitely get you an interview.
  • Only discus the things or jobs that are related to recruitment or only if they will help you at the job you are applying for.
  • Instead of just telling about your previous duties or tasks, talk about your achievements.
  • Proofread the resume to eliminate any grammatical or spelling mistakes which can ruin your first expression.

Elements not to include in this Resume:

  • Don’t put your personal information like marital status or number of kids because no one will need that and it will just make your resume look more complicated.
  • Don’t use more than one type of font or multi colors on the resume.
  • If you have a lot of experience and it’s taking more than one page, just add the most recent and important details and don’t use a resume with more than one page.
  • Don’t add information about a job that is not related with the IT or recruitment sector.
  • Keep it professional and avoid using wrong sentences or inappropriate words which can make you look smaller.

Here is preview of this Free Sample IT Recruiter Resume created using MS Word,

IT Recruiter Resume

Here is download link for this IT Recruiter Resume,

Download IT Recruiter Resume

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