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Junior Doctor Resume

A Junior Doctor or in simple words is a doctor under training who has completed his medical study, passed out the exam and acquired the medical degree. He is also called house officer who needs to work under supervision of a senior doctor to observe the practical uses of all the knowledge he has learned during the past four years. Once their general medical study is finished, some doctors start their specialization in a particular medical field such as cancer, neurosurgery or general physicist. During this time period they work with senior doctors and when his officials think he is ready for the field, they allow him to start his own practice and cure the people.

Job Responsibilities of a Junior Doctor:

  • The key responsibility of a junior doctor is to observe the methods and strategies of senior doctors very closely so that they can later apply these methods to their own practice.
  • Taking care of patients as assistants and making sure they are getting every necessary facility.
  • Getting the patient ready for the treatment and operation under supervision of a senior or experienced doctor.
  • Treating minor illnesses such as flu, fever and cough on their own.
  • Consulting seniors whenever they feel they didn’t understand a procedure or they don’t know about a unique illness or disability.
  • Attending seminars and medical conferences and sharing their views with the medical professional in those gatherings.

Salary of a Junior Doctor:

It’s pretty clear from the name of this position that a junior doctor is actually a doctor but doesn’t have the experience or didn’t do any practice in the field. That’s why the job duties are pretty much same as the senior doctor except with low profile tasks and more observations. This is like the entry level of this career so if it doesn’t pay good salary, that doesn’t matter that much. Although the salary figure of a junior doctor depends upon the workplace but generally one earns about $45000 per year. Most of the junior doctors spend this period in private hospitals and clinics where they observe and learn.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Junior Doctor Resume:

  • Using a single page medical resume is an old thinking. Employers don’t take interest in single page resumes and just move on to next one. Also when you use a single page there is not enough room for every detail and you have to eliminate some of the information which can ruin your chances to have the job. Therefore don’t hesitate to use a resume which contains 2 or even 3 pages if needed.
  • An employer doesn’t have time to read every line carefully and lookout for the lines where you explained your past accomplishments and achievements. Therefore don’t use dense paragraphs to discuss the previous experiences but separate bullets so it’s easier to review.
  • Before explaining your education or anything else, discuss the experiences you have right after the objective or career summary. This way it’s easy to access and analyze.
  • List all the skills you have that will help you at this job. Skills like operating computer software or speaking more than one language or having extra certificated regarding related medical fields.
  • Proofread the resume twice because even if you have done it several times before, you can still make tiny mistakes which can ruin your image in the employer’s eyes.

Elements to avoid in this Resume:

  • Don’t use a resume which contains more than one page. If there is a lot to discuss, only put the important things and remove less relevant stuff.
  • Don’t provide references unless you are asked to. Also there is no need to write a line such as “references will be provided if needed”.
  • Don’t put your experiences in dense paragraphs where it will be difficult to read and understand.
  • Don’t discuss the salary figure you are expecting but leave it to discuss face to face during interview.

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Junior Doctor Resume

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