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Junior Underwriter Resume

It seems like an underwriter is a professional who does some very high profile job in insurance career but in reality, you can also called an insurance underwriter an estimator. Actually an underwriter is a person who is hired by insurance companies or banks to estimate the clients who applied for a loan or insurance policy. This way, insurance companies determine whether they sell the insurance policy to a particular client or not. Underwriters investigate the potential in applicants to verify if they should get an insurance policy or not. There are basically two types of insurance underwriters; ones that are hired by insurance companies and others that are hired by banks and loan offices. Both have the same job but their clients are different. Usually insurance companies deal with individual clients where banks deal with businesses and corporate firms.

Salary of Junior Underwriter:

Most of the time, junior underwriters work on commission basis which means they get a specific percentage on each client they handle or investigate. For example if an underwriter analyzes a client who has applied for a $10000 insurance policy, he will get about 5-10% of the insurance capital amount. There are many companies that hire these underwriters on client basis which means they get a fixed amount on handling each client where some companies also hire them on hourly basis. Whether it’s hourly basis or monthly fixed salary, these underwriters earn around $50000 per year which is a very good amount for such a basic career in insurance field. These underwriters are hired on junior posts and after 2-3 years of experience, they get promoted to the senior underwriter position in the company where they also get increased salary amount.

Here are the guidelines to create Junior Underwriter Resume:

  • Unless you have strong experience, don’t use more than one page for a legal resume.
  • There is nothing wrong with sending a basic resume without fancy colors and different fonts.
  • Make yourself different among other applicants by telling your unique achievements and experiences.
  • Your resume will only have 10 to 15 seconds of reviewing thus, made that time worth.
  • This kind of resume contains a lot of complicated words so proofread it twice or ask someone else to do it for you.
  • People usually don’t notice it but you should put your educational and employment history in separate sections so that it’s easier for the recruiter to review your application.

Things not to add in the Resume:

  • Don’t provide personal information like marital status or social security number because it has nothing to do with the job.
  • Don’t add information about a job which is not relevant even if it’s a great job or have great references.
  • Don’t lie about your experience because your recruiter will realize in a minute that you have lied in your resume and that mistake can blacklist you in the entire field.
  • There is no need to add any references unless you are asked by the employer or recruiter to do so.

Sample Junior Underwriter Resume:

Here is preview of this free sample Junior Underwriter Resume created using MS Word,

Junior Underwriter Resume

Here is download link for this Junior Underwriter Resume,

Download Junior Underwriter Resume


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