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Kitchen Crew Resume

It is always fun and enjoyment to eat in a restaurant where you don’t need to worry about preparing or cooking the food but you just wait on a table with your family members and friends and the chef in the kitchen prepares and cooks the food for you. Usually in a restaurant kitchen, chef gives instructions to cooks and they prepare the food as per guidelines and when the need help with other tasks and duties, kitchen crew is hired. These are the employees that help and assist the cooks from cleaning the kitchen to sorting the ingredients, getting the ingredients to putting cooked food in plates and calling waiters.

Job Responsibilities and duties of Kitchen Crew:

  • Understanding the needs and requirements of kitchen
  • Getting to know the chef and other crew members to work in harmony
  • Learning about how to work in the kitchen around other people
  • Understanding ingredients and their importance in each type of food
  • Getting to know the places and spots of each ingredient in the kitchen for quick access
  • Assisting the chef, sue chef and other crew members with preparing and cooking the food
  • Putting cooked food in plates and garnishing them

Salary of Kitchen Crew:

Before you complain about the basic salary of kitchen crew members, you should understand that these employees are just helpers in the kitchen and they assist the chef, sue chef and other members that cook and prepare the food in restaurants. This is the reason that kitchen crew members are mostly hired on hourly basis with minimum wages where when they are appointed on regular salary basis, they earn around $20000 per year.

Required Skills for Kitchen Crew Resume:

  • Good management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Being able to work under stress
  • Being a good team player
  • Good experience in kitchen
  • Good knowledge of different cuisines
  • Being able to work safely with kitchen equipment
  • Being regular on work with punctuality
  • Good hygiene habits

Useful Tips for Writing Kitchen Crew Resume:

  • Add about your past experiences in just a single sentence and don’t use dense paragraphs where it will be so difficult to analyze it. You should use bullet points here which are better than dense paragraphs.
  • If you have done a lot of work, it’s better to only list the important ones. Your resume will stay only for 10-15 seconds in the recruiter’s hands so don’t make it too hard to analyze.
  • List all the skills you have that will help you at this job. It is better to use bullet points for enlisting the skills rather than putting them inside long paragraphs.
  • Only provide the references which are good, reliable and authenticated and can give guarantee of your work and skills.
  • Instead of creating dense paragraphs, use single sentences and bullets to highlight the things you want the employer to notice.
  • You have to write a unique objective which shows that you have the necessary abilities and not just filling the space with some copied lines from some website.

Sample Kitchen Crew Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Kitchen Crew Resume created using MS Word,

Kitchen Crew Resume

Here is download link for this Kitchen Crew Resume,

Download Kitchen Crew Resume

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