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Lab Technician Resume

A lab technician works in laboratories and other medical facilities and assists the seniors in order to perform routine tasks such as processing sample, performing tests, operating lab equipment and dealing with research instruments. Additionally the technician also has the job to reserve and take care of the chemicals and hazardous elements. In many cases this technician also works as a clerk by preparing documents, reports, files and entering data into computer. Ordering supplies, equipment and research materials is also a responsibility of a lab technician.

Job Responsibilities of a Lab Technician:

  • The key responsibility of a lab technician is to perform routine tasks such as preparation of slides or smears.
  • Under the supervision of senior staff members, conducting experiments and research procedures.
  • Preparing specimens and samples and getting them ready for the experiments.
  • Making sure that chemicals and samples are right in the place where they are supposed to be.
  • Keeping an eye on the inventory and ordering new chemicals and supplies before running out of something.
  • Taking notes in the conferences and meetings conducted within the laboratory or research facility.
  • Preparing reports and research theories based on the experiments seniors are doing.

Salary of a Lab Technician:

It’s vivid from the title that it’s more of a technical job which doesn’t involve study or education that much. Although one has to be familiar with the equipments and machines inside a hospital but that doesn’t mean he has to get a professional degree but he can achieve that professional level just by observing and practicing. This is why most of the lab technical staff doesn’t have any medical degree or back ground. Because of the same reason, the pay of a lab technician is not that good and usually one earns about $50000 per year. Many technicians work on hourly basis too where they earn about $15 per hour.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Lab Technician Resume:

  • Write an objective which shows your creative side and stands you different among other applicants. Don’t use an old objective from a different job application because every job is one of a kind.
  • Put your name and contact information in bold characters at the top of your resume so it will be easy to see and remember.
  • Then add about your education starting from the most recent degree and then going till your college studies. There is no need to talk about your high school because it’s so obvious that you have passed it.
  • Add about your past experiences in just a single sentence and don’t use dense paragraphs where it will be so difficult to analyze it. Start from your most recent job and them go on to previous ones.
  • Only add information which is relevant to the job and experiences which are related to the vacancy.
  • If you have some extra skills like operating operation equipments or have technical knowledge of laboratory work, write that in your resume under experiences list.

Elements to avoid in this Resume:

  • Make yourself very clear and avoid using complicated words and difficult sentences just because you want them to take you seriously.
  • Don’t put anything personal information like hobbies or number of kids because there are other important things to discuss and also the employer won’t have time to review all of this.
  • Avoid using the same words and same sentences to describe different things instead, use new words and creative sentences to show them you are good with words too.
  • Instead of telling them the abilities you have, show them the real time examples from your past jobs and let them realize by themselves that these skills will help you at the job you are applying for.

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Lab Technician Resume

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