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Landscape Worker Resume

A landscape worker in simple words is a professional who is hired by individuals and companies to take care of their lawns and landscapes. Usually professional workers are hired on big properties and wide lawns that can’t be maintained by individuals. These landscape workers are very experienced and skilled so they know how to keep a lawn beautiful and deal with insects, bugs, herbs and other maintenance stuff in landscapes.

Job Responsibilities and duties of Landscape Worker:

  • Performing building keeping and ground keeping duties for individuals or organizations
  • Taking care of the lawn on the property including mowing and watering
  • Taking care of the flowers, plants and trees on the landscape
  • Taking care of insects and harmful elements and eliminating them
  • Providing fertilizer and pesticides in the landscape for removing insects and unwanted herbs
  • Taking care of snow on the walkways and keeping it clean
  • Taking care of landscape fixtures i.e. shower, fountains etc.

Salary of a Landscape Worker:

It may sound like a very high profile job but in reality, the landscape workers just work as labor on the ground for a landscape or lawn. This is why this job doesn’t pay that good money to the employees and usually labor is outsourced from other countries so that they can manage working on minimum wages. Mostly these workers are hired on hourly basis where they earn minimum wages that depend on each company and state but some of them are also hired on regular salaries where they earn around $40000 per year.

Required skills for a Landscape Worker Resume:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good knowledge of the field work
  • Good analytical and evaluation skills
  • Good property estimation skills
  • Good management skills
  • Time and resource management skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Being able to work long hours
  • Being a good team player
  • Being a good leader

Useful tips for writing a Landscape Worker Resume:

  • It is better if you talk about your education and employment in separate sections and always start with the most recent job or certificate. When you create separate sections in resume, it is easy for the reader to go through it quickly without searching for details. Create sections for each kind of information i.e. education, employment, achievements, skills, abilities and extra certificates.
  • Don’t make your resume too long or too short as some people try to include all the details regardless if it’s necessary or not. It is better to keep the resume to only 1 page and if there are details that you want to add, only add the most important information and skip the less important details that you can also talk in interview.
  • Unless you are asked to, don’t provide references in the first place. There is also no need to add any phrases such as “references will be provided on request” because it is obvious that if employer wants, you will provide your references.
  • Always proofread the resume and read it twice after finishing it. Whether you go through it or ask someone else to read it for you and see if there are any grammatical mistakes or typos that you can fix in time.

Sample Landscape Worker Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Landscape Worker Resume created using MS Word,

Landscape Worker Resume

Here is download link for this Landscape Worker Resume,

Download Landscape Worker Resume

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