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Massage Therapist Resume

In this world when we are always in a hurry and there is not enough time to rest and spend some time alone with no worries in mind and no stress about the work. Most of the time, even if we don’t feel any work stress on our body, it is still there and it can cause lots of other problems so it is better to handle yourself to a professional once in a while and getting help from physical therapists or massage therapists. These therapists are the professional of human body and they know where to work on the body in order to relieve the stress and make a person feel more comfortable without any medication.

Job Responsibilities and duties of Massage Therapist:

  • Meeting with clients and understanding their needs and physical problems
  • Creating therapy plans for each client to deal with his or her body
  • Making schedules and appointments with clients
  • Preparing therapy room and therapy bed for each client
  • Giving physical or massage therapy to the clients
  • Looking for what they like and what makes them uncomfortable during the massage
  • Discussing their problems and situations with the clients and coordinating with them

Salary of Massage Therapist:

Massage therapists most of the time work on hourly basis and the hourly wages depend on where these therapists are working. For example, in private clinics and therapy centers, these professionals earn more money as compared to government hospitals and social security clinics. Also when these therapists run their own therapy centers, they earn more money by dealing with as much clients as they want. Usually a massage therapist can earn up to $25000 per year which can go up to $50000 with more experience.

Required skills for a Massage Therapist Resume:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good people skills
  • Multitasking
  • Good experience in massage therapy
  • Charming personality
  • Being punctual at work
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good personal hygiene habits
  • Being able to work long shifts
  • Good knowledge of how massage effects human body

Useful tips for writing a Massage Therapist Resume:

  • Usually people add an objective in the resume but you can also add a career summary which is an upgraded form of resume objective.
  • Never send the resume without proofreading it entirely. Read it by yourself at least twice or ask someone else to read it for you and point out the mistakes that you can remove in time.
  • Never try to look stupid by using complicated or long sentences in the resume. It is better to keep the resume simple and short by adding just the important and necessary details.
  • Always make separate sections for each kind of information i.e. personal information, employment history and educational achievements. Start with the contact information section and then add the employment history, education and skill sections.
  • If you have got some extra certificates along with regular study, attach them with your resume.

If you interact with people more comfortably and like to supervise their work, add this quality in your resume because it will give you an extra edge among other applicants.

Sample Massage Therapist Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Massage Therapist Resume created using MS Word,

Massage Therapist Resume

Here is download link for this Massage Therapist Resume,

Download Massage Therapist Resume

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