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Mathematics Instructor Resume

A Mathematics Instructor is a teacher in simple words. He is the one who knows how to teach mathematics to the students who are having difficulties learning the problems and complex cases. These instructors are hired by schools, colleges, universities and private institutions to instruct the students and help them learn mathematics in easy ways.

Job Responsibilities and duties of Mathematics Instructor:

  • Meeting with clients/students and their parents
  • Understanding what each specific students lacks and what he needs from the instructor
  • Creating sessions and learning plans for the students
  • Creating classes and training sessions
  • Gathering learning materials on mathematics
  • Helping students to understand complex problems in easy way
  • Conducting tests to see the progress of each student
  • Informing the parents of the students and administration of the educational institute with results and progress of the training sessions

Salary of Mathematics Instructor:

It depends on where these instructors are working about how much they will earn. For example, if these teachers or instructors are working in universities and colleges, they will earn more as compared to schools and also government sector pays more money and salaries to these instructors as compared to private colleges and universities. On the other hand, working freelance, these instructors make more money by teaching as many students as they want. Usually a mathematics instructor can earn up to $70000 per year.

Required skills for a Mathematics Instructor Resume:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good knowledge of mathematics
  • Good organizational skills
  • Being able to train students
  • Being able to work with people with bad mathematics
  • Good time management skills
  • Excellent scheduler or planning skills
  • Being able to create unique sessions and learning techniques
  • Being able to help students on their intellectual levels

Useful tips for writing a Mathematics Instructor Resume:

  • Always spend good time preparing the resume and never do it in a hurry. Read the job ad carefully and see what the employer wants or requires so that you can work on the required skills and abilities in your resume.
  • Unless it’s related to the job you are applying for, never talk about any irrelevant previous employment. This way you can keep the resume short by only putting the relevant information.
  • Use more bullet points and figures rather than long and dense paragraphs that are hard to read and understand.
  • Never send the resume without reading it at least twice so that you can point out the mistakes and errors. Read it by yourself or ask some friend to do it for you.
  • Start with adding a unique objective which shouldn’t be less than 3 sentences or more than 6. You can add an objective if you want but it looks more professional and unique if you use career summary instead of typical or old objective paragraph.
  • It is not a good idea to discuss irrelevant stuff and less important details on the resume.

Sample Mathematics Instructor Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Mathematics Instructor Resume created using MS Word,

Mathematics Instructor Resume

Here is download link for this Mathematics Instructor Resume,

Download Mathematics Instructor Resume

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