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Medical Assistant Resume

If we analyze the working of a hospital or clinic, we see that a large amount of work is done by the nurses and junior staff but the fact is that no matter how much a nurse is good at her job, she can’t control the schedule tasks of a doctor and these kind of duties require a professional assistant or a secretary in simple words. The main job of a medical assistant is to help the senior staff as much as possible and share their burden in all matters. It’s doesn’t mean that the assistants have to work in the operation theater but the work they do outside the doctor’s room is much more important than standing inside a surgery room.

Salary of a Medical Assistant:

A medical assistant is just like a secretary to a doctor or physician and the duties are also pretty much the same. Although the general responsibilities may differ according to each individual or the workplace but usually it’s all about managing the schedule of seniors. This explains that this position doesn’t require you to have a professional or medical degree and a person with high school diploma can fulfill the needs of this job. Because of the same reason, the salary of a medical assistant isn’t that good and it’s about $40000 per year. Mostly these assistants are hired on hourly basis where they make about $15 per hour.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Medical Assistant Resume:

  • First of all, you have to be sure that this is the job you want because sending resumes without proper consideration is just a waste of time.
  • You have to write a unique objective which shows that you have the necessary abilities and not just filling the space with some copied lines from some website.
  • Discuss the jobs you have done in the medical sector or some other assistance area. Provide company name, employment duration and your designation there.
  • Put all the information about your professional studies except high school diploma because it’s obvious that you have got it.
  • If you have gained some extra certificates regarding communication or public dealing, add that too but only if it’s related with the medical field.
  • Everybody knows about the tasks of an assistant so tell about your previous achievements not the duties.

Elements to avoid in this Resume:

  • It’s a professional document which should only contain job related stuff so don’t add anything personal like marital status or hobbies or favorite writer.
  • Don’t try to be a person that you are not because this will just get you the job but can’t guarantee to hold that for you.
  • Only provide references when you are asked otherwise don’t make your resume too dense with useless information.
  • No matter how good your grades are or how important that degree is, if it’s not related to assistance services, don’t discuss it in your resume. Same in the case of providing previous experiences that don’t tell about any job which is irrelevant.

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Medical Assistant Resume

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