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Medical Record Clerk Resume

When we talk about a hospital, we know there will be thousands of documents and records that need to be managed and taken care of. To operate this part of a hospital, record keepers or medical clerks are hired who deal with all the document and record related works. This is not a very high profile job and these clerks usually sit behind the desk all time making and updating the patient’s history files. Sometimes its manual work in which files are made in documented form where most of the times this data in entered in computer. This way, it’s easy to perform and quicker to allocate a particular file regarding a patient.

Job Responsibilities of a Medical Record Clerk:

  • The key responsibility of a medical record clerk is to compile, authenticate and file the record of patients for a hospital or another medical facility.
  • Taking care of new admitted patients and saving the record of previous patients for future references.
  • As the treatment of a patient goes on, updating the file about his illnesses, treatment processes and curing progress.
  • Maintaining a filing system in order to make the allocation of record easy and quicker.
  • Keeping record of the employees who check in to verify or take a look at the file of a patient and only allowing those staff members who have authentication by the hospital or the director.
  • Assisting other staff members in usual tasks of the hospital on daily basis such as sitting on reception or information desk and escorting the patient to the doctor’s rooms.

Salary of a Medical Clerk:

It’s pretty basic job and the person doing this job; just have to deal with documents and record keeping tasks. This means you don’t need to have a professional degree to apply for this job. On the other hand, due to fewer responsibilities, it doesn’t pay that well either. Usually a record keeper in medical field earns about $30000 per year but mostly people are hired on hourly basis for this job where they make about $10 per hour. It’s kind of a part time job so only those apply how can’t deal with a full time job or need some extra cash for study.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Medical Record Clerk Resume:

  • Use single page resume and don’t use font smaller than 10pt. avoid using more than one color or different fonts.
  • Enlist all of your education and achievements during the studying period like extra certificated of accounting or auditing.
  • If you have a lot of experience, only list the most important jobs. Write your accomplishments and goals you achieved instead of work duties.
  • Write your own objective instead of just copy pasting an existing one. If you want to present something unique, write a career summary instead of objective.

Elements not to include in this Resume:

  • Don’t add personal information like social security number or bank accounts details. They are not going to read all that information so stick to the important things only.
  • Create a different kind of resume and avoid sending out the same one for every job.
  • Don’t make a resume of more than one page unless you have a lot of past experience and everything is important to discuss.
  • Don’t discuss any kind of ideas in your resume. Instead leave them to discuss during the interview and it will help you to convince your employer that you are the perfect match for the job.

Sample Medical Record Clerk Resume:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Medical Record Clerk Resume created using MS Word,

Medical Record Clerk Resume

Here is download link for this Medical Record Clerk Resume,

Download Medical Record Clerk Resume

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