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Nursery School Director Resume

A Nursery School Director is also called the administrator of the preschool who hires and manages the teaching staff for the school and oversees the day-to-day work activities of a nursery school. A nursery school director creates policies, strategies and manages the work of teachers and other staff of the school and supervises the regular works of the nursery school. He or she is the administrator of the school who handles the problems related to staff or students. This is also a responsibility of this director to set rules and regulations for the admissions of new students and to run the school according to the local government policies. Although the director is the in charge of the school but he also use to has a professional degree so that he can teach a class if needed. This is the person that acts like a liaison between the school staff and the parents of the students and whenever the parents have some issues or queries, they meet the director of the school who then arranges for a parent teacher meeting if needed.

Responsibilities of a Nursery School Director include:

  • Overseeing and supervising the daily tasks inside the school.
  • Acting as a bridge between the parents of the students and school staff including teachers, assistants and examiners.
  • Creating policies and maintaining the rules for the smooth working of the school.
  • Supervising and assisting the registration and enrolment of new students.
  • Assigning classes and courses to teachers according to their expertise and their availability.
  • Assistance in the developing and implementing course books and schools calendar for the year.
  • Resolving the issues between the employees and teachers and other staff.
  • Arranging for the parent teacher meetings on regular basis most likely after every three months.
  • If a teacher or an employee is not suitable for the school, terminating him and hiring a new employee for that position.

The main factor that affects the salary of a nursery school director is the size and location of the school. Small school with students less than 500 don’t need a very expert person for this position but a school which is very famous and enrolls thousands of students in every year, can’t allow some immature to work on this position. The bigger the number of kids in the school, the higher the salary will be. Generally a nursery school director earns up to $60000 per year and if it’s a high profile school in a famous city like Los Angeles or New York, the director gets about $120000 to $150000 per year.

Key Elements to include in a Nursery School Director Resume:

  • Divide your resume into several different parts; start with the personal information section from the top. Here you put your name and basic personal info along with your contact addresses i.e. phone and mail.
  • It would be a good choice if you decide to put a career summary or previous employment overview but there is also nothing wrong about writing an objective. Whatever you do, don’t copy anything and always use your own words for your future plans and goals.
  • After that it’s time you discuss your previous work history. Start with the most recent job and go up to the first job you had but only discuss those jobs that are related to school or directing. Put job title, company and duration you spend in that company for each work.
  • In the education section, write about your studies and extra short courses you entered in. start with the professional degree and go up to graduation diploma. Put institution name, course name and passing year for each degree.
  • Special skills like good bonding ability with kids, excellent communication skills or major achievements at the previous jobs related to directing, are worth mentioning here.

Elements not to include in a Nursery School Director Resume:

  • Don’t put anything that is irrelevant or not professional. Giving too personal information like your favorites is not a good idea.
  • Keep your resume up to two pages and try your best not to exceed from that. If that’s not possible, eliminate the less important stuff and save it for interview.
  • Don’t discuss your expected salary figure on resume but save it later for the interview. There you will be given a chance to share what you like to earn from this job.
  • Proofread the resume twice before sending it out and remove the grammatical and spelling mistakes if there are any.

Sample Nursery School Director Resume:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Nursery School Director Resume,

Nursery School Director Resume

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