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OBIEE Administrator Resume

When we talk about a resume for a technical job i.e. OBIEE administrator job, this kind of resume needs a special consideration because in this type of resume, you will have to emphasize and focus on your technical skills and experience in the related fields more than the education and overall employment history. This means that when you want to apply for the job of OBIEE administrator in a company, take good care of your resume and put more focus on the skills and technical abilities that will help you on this job.

Essential Skills to Mention in the OBIEE Administrator Resume:

An OBIEE administrator is like a supervisor and service provider who takes care of the stuff i.e. applications while they are implemented in the company along with maintaining these applications and providing troubleshooting services to the employer. This job requires the skills such as good computer knowledge, excellent grip on application installation and troubleshooting process, good organizational skills, management skills, being a good team player, excellent problem solving skills and hard working.

Useful Tips for Creating OBIEE Administrator Resume:

The resume is about yourself and it’s pretty much understood by you and the employer so you should never use pronouns in the resume such as I or Me. Make sure to talk neutral without mentioning anything particularly with ‘I’ or ‘Me’. It is not a good idea to include your references in the resume but just add a simple statement at the end of the resume that if they require, you can provide references at the interview but don’t stuff or make your resume messy with the references in the first place.

The key purpose of the OBIEE administrator resume is to get you an interview not the actual job. Once you get interview call, now it’s time for you to show your charm and until then, keep in mind that resume is the first thing that meets with the employer before you so make it concise and keep it short. Objective statement is the first element that comes across the eyes of the employer and this is why it is really important that you focus on this part more than other sections. There is no need to add any personal information such as your hobbies in the OBIEE administrator resume. No one cares what your interests are and what you do in your spare time. Unless the hobbies are really important for the job you are applying for, don’t mention this kind of stuff in the OBIEE administrator resume.

Do’s and don’ts of OBIEE Administrator Resume:

Always make sure to proofread the OBIEE administrator resume once or twice or give it to someone else and ask them to go through it for you. Never use more than one kind of font in the resume and even if you want to make the headings different, don’t use more than 2 types of fonts and keep them very simple and easy to read. Rather than using common words like good communicator or team player, use the words that are more unique and eye catching for the employer.

Sample OBIEE Administrator Resume:

Here is preview of a free Sample OBIEE Administrator Resume created using MS Word,

OBIEE Administrator Resume

Here is download link for this OBIEE Administrator Resume,

Download OBIEE Administrator Resume

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