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Paramedic Resume

When someone meets an accident, it’s not possible to transfer him to the hospital within few moments and on the way over, the time consumption can be dangerous for his conditions. That’s why when an ambulance arrives at an accident and the patient is on his way to the hospital, there is a person in the ambulance that starts treating the patient on the way over. It’s just a way to make sure that by the time he reaches to the hospital, the time of travelling didn’t affect his injuries of condition and the doctors there have enough time to save his life. This professional is called a paramedic and he is kind of a half or junior doctor.

Job Responsibilities of a Paramedic:

  • The key responsibility of a paramedic is to respond to emergency calls and reach at the site of accident as soon as possible.
  • After reaching at the accident site, reaching to the injured patient(s) and starting first aid process.
  • Once their condition is stable enough, transferring them to the ambulance and inform the hospital to get the operation theatre ready as per each particular situation.
  • On the way over to the hospital, making sure that the patient will make it to the hospital and if he doesn’t seems to, starting the treatment in the ambulance.
  • If the patient is too serious, consulting a professional doctor or surgeon on the phone and try to act as his instructions to keep the patient alive until he arrives at the hospital.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Paramedic Resume created using MS Word,

Paramedic Resume

Salary of a Paramedic:

There are different rules of each country about paramedics and their services such as in America, it’s essential for each ambulance to have at least one paramedic in it where in Pakistan or India, there is no such rule. In those countries, the only duty of an ambulance is to take the patient and transfer him to the hospital and if his life is in danger due to the long distance, there is nothing much anyone can do in that condition. This explains that as their responsibilities are different, their salaries differ too. Generally a paramedic earns about $50000 per year and if he is working on hourly rates, he earns about $15 per hour.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Paramedic Resume:

  • A resume is just a document and a little of your introduction so keep it small and uncomplicated. It’s just a thing that gets you an interview not the actual job. So only add the things that are necessary.
  • If you have worked in some kind of hospital or other medical facility, write that on your resume because it’s very similar to paramedic job.
  • If you have got some extra certificates along with regular study, attach them with your resume.
  • Other skills like driving an ambulance, MRI treatments and operating life saving equipments are worth mentioning here and it will give you an extra edge among other applicants.
  • If you interact with people more comfortably and like to supervise them, add this quality in your resume.
  • In the educational section, talk about the institutes and colleges you went to and the names of degrees you have acquired.

Elements not to include in Paramedic Resume:

  • Don’t add personal information like marital status or social security number in the resume because no one will have time to review that.
  • Don’t add information about one of your previous jobs which was to deal with people because that’s totally a different thing.
  • Don’t use different fonts and color schemes just to brighten up the resume because no one will have time to review that and it will just look more complicated.
  • Don’t send the resume without proofreading it and it will be better if you ask someone else to read it for you.

Here is download link for above mentioned Paramedic Resume,

Download Paramedic Resume

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