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Patient Care Assistant Resume

A person who works below a physician or a nurse in a hospital or private clinic is called a patient care assistant. A person on this position takes care of patients in a hospital or any other medical facility by taking instructions from the supervisor or the senior doctor. This is kind of an entry level position for those who want to adopt the medical as permanent career. In order to become this assistant, there is no need to have a professional or medical degree but it needs a lot of on job experience with the patients before one gets his certificate and license to work as a care assistant. The main job of this assistant is to make sure that the patient is in great care in absence of senior doctor and the nurse.

Job Responsibilities of a Patient Care Assistant:

  • The key responsibility of a patient care assistant is to keep constant eye on the patient and monitoring his recovery progress on regular basis. This jobs turns into a very stressful task when the patient is in ICU or struggling very hard for life.
  • Assisting the patient with taking the food and medicine on time as per the instructions of physician. Sometimes it includes just watching the patient so that he doesn’t skip an essential portion of the meal where other times, it includes putting the food in patient’s mouth if he can’t move his body.
  • Keeping the patient’s bed, room and clothes clean and helping him to go to the washroom and if his condition is too serious, helping him in the bathroom.
  • Getting the patient ready for the visit to operation theatre or to take some tests and helping other staff in transferring the patient.
  • Always making sure that patient has enough supplies and isn’t running out of anything.

Salary of a Patient Care Assistant:

The responsibilities of a patient care assistant vary in different hospitals and clinics. That means there is no way to provide the exact salary figure of the patient care assistants. Hospitals with bigger capacity for the patients pay these assistant hire salaries where the small or private clinics pay them comparatively lower salaries. Also in America the salaries of these assistants are higher than many other countries like China, India and Pakistan. Generally a patient care assistant earns about $50000 per year and if he is hired on hourly basis, which happens in most of the cases, a care assistant earns about $12 per hour.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Patient Care Assistant Resume:

  • First of all, decide what template you want to use in the resume like if it’s chronological, combined or technical.
  • Divide your resume into several parts and put the related details in the relevant section.
  • Start your resume with your basic and contact address such as name, DOB, nationality, phone number and street address.
  • It’s up to you if you want to put an objective or a career summary, which is an updated technique.
  • Then discuss you previous work history and start with the most recent job and provide company name, employment duration and your designation there.
  • In the educational section, give details about your studies and start with professional degree and provide institution name, passing year and name of course.
  • In the skill part, talk about your abilities and capabilities that you will use if you get the job.

Elements not to include in this Resume:

  • There is no need to include personal information like hobbies of marital status because it’s just useless. No one will have time to read and consider all that and let’s face it, why would your employer be interested in number of your child or bank accounts.
  • Always stick to simple formats and black and white edition of your resume. Avoid using a colored and multi font resume, which will just look more complicated and hard to analyze.
  • If you don’t have any experience, don’t lie about it but simply tell them that you are new in this career. If you have done an internship in some research institute or a therapy center, don’t add that information in your resume because a 1 year internship can’t be equal to 1 year experience.

Here is preview of this Sample Patient Care Assistant Resume created using MS Word,

Patient Care Assistant Resume

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