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Payroll Administrator Resume

Payroll administrator is an executive person in an organization who oversees all the matters which are related with paying the employees. The key responsibility of a payroll administrator is to prepare a report about the working hours of employees and the issue their paycheck. It might seem very easy but this is not a piece of cake. The administrator has to calculate their working times very carefully so that no one is paid more or less then his duty hours. He also has to deduct the taxes and social withholding amounts from paychecks and add the benefits company is offering such as medical or big city allowance. The payroll administrator is the head of the department and works with a team who oversees the staff’s working inside the company and prepares reports about their duty hours.  Administrator is first point of contact when it comes to duty time, salaries and attendance of the employees.

Typically a Payroll Administrator is required to perform the following duties such as:

  • He is the first point of contact for the workers when they have an issue related to the calculation of their duty hours or attendance sheet.
  • He maintains the financial records by collecting, calculating and preparing documents.
  • Update the files of employees as there is a change in their paycheck due to change in their hourly rates or increased salary figure.
  • He prepares summary of every employee’s earning and in that report, he lists his basic pay and deductions.
  • He resolves the issues an employee or management is having with payments or finances.
  • He provides payroll information to the administration of the company.
  • He attends all the meetings and conferences when the company wants to change policies and strategies.
  • Unless the person has authority, he doesn’t tell anything to employees or staff members and keeps all the information confidential.

A Payroll Administrator is the head of the payroll department and he is the one who decide which employee gets how much money. This makes it a very important position as he pays a vital role in allocating the annual budget of the company too. Some companies nominate their financial supervisor on this post and in this way the single person handles responsibilities of two jobs. As the policies and rules are different in every company, it’s not possible to mention the salary of a payroll administrator exactly but generally companies pay this person about $50000 per year in the starting and this goes up to $70000 after two to three years of experience.

Key Elements to include in a Payroll Administrator Resume:

  • As you divide the resume into several different parts, start with the personal information section from the top. In this area you enter your basic and contact information such as name, DOB, phone number and mail addresses.
  • People usually write and objective in their payroll administrative resume but you can also use a career summary in which you discuss a little about each and every job you had and the abilities you gained over the past few years.
  • In the employment history part, you provide information about jobs you had but only the related ones with the payroll administration. Put the name of the company, your job title there and duration you spent in each company.
  • In the education section, write about your studies and extra courses you entered in besides the regular study. Start with the most recent degree and go up to graduation. Put institution name, course name and passing year for each degree.
  • Special skills you have such as speaking more than one language, excellent verbal communication ability, data entry skills and knowledge of taxes. This will attract the recruiter and he surely will select you for an interview to see how much of that is true.

Elements not to include in a Payroll Administrator Resume:

  • Don’t mention a single thing that is not related to payroll or administration. Keep the resume short by eliminating the irrelevant details.
  • Keep your resume short and don’t exceed to more than two pages. If you have so much to tell, save some stuff for the interview.
  • Simple resumes look more elegant and professional so stick to a simple format and easy readable font style.
  • There is no need to put a picture on your payroll administrator resume.
  • Although it sounds funny as your job will be to deal with the money and salaries all the time but you can’t discuss your expectation about your salary in the resume.

Sample Payroll Administrator Resume:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Payroll Administrator Resume created using MS Word,

Payroll Administrator Resume

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