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Photographer Resume

Photography is an interesting profession and in simple words photographer is a person who take photographs. A photographer can be worked as a freelancer to cover the contracts of particular events including wedding, naming ceremony, sports event etc. or can get employment in a studio or newspaper. If you want to make money in this profession as a professional photographer then a resume is necessary for you because it is the only tool that will help you to showcase your skills and abilities. You have to prepare your portfolio according to the requirements of potential employer. Photography resume should be carefully designed because it will help you to show your skills and interests to potential employer.

Job Description of Photographer

Job description of photographer may vary according to the nature of organization but some common job duties of a photographer are as under:

Photographer is responsible to take different photographs according to the requirements of client or employer. He/she is responsible to use extensive equipment including lights, cameras, lenses, and special software to improve the quality of photographs. He/she is required to work in the liaison with other professionals including writers, researchers, editors, art directors, gallery managers and graphic designers.

Tips to Design Photographer Resume

Photographer has to design a compelling resume in order to persuade potential employer and in this regard I am going to share some tips with you regarding designing of photographer resume:

  • Before designing your resume, it is necessary to find out either you want to click wedding photographs or want to work along the lines of shooting for different purposing including modeling.
  • It will be good to know about the reader of your resume because it will help you to make your resume more compelling. If you are a freelancer and going for wedding photography contract then your resume will be analyzed by family of bride or groom. In this case, you resume should contain simple language.
  • If you want to show your skills in a modeling shoot then your resume will be evaluated by management team of the company. In this case, you have to keep your resume formal to impress reader.
  • Type of paper is really important for your resume so try to do something creative in this regard. You can use creative paper with professional touch to make yourself distinctive among crowd.
  • Write details of your professional photography classes at school and college. If you have no special certification or qualification for photography then you can mention those classes or short courses that you have attended to learn photography.
  • Write name of training institution, name of professional photographer and duration of your learning. You can give the reference of your photography teacher (professional photographer) after taking his/her permission.
  • Write your professional experience or freelancing work in the experience section of your resume. Start with recent qualification and try to include your best photographs in your portfolio if required by potential employer.
  • Be careful while writing and add only important details because excessive details can ruin your efforts and can distract the attention of potential employer.

Things to Avoid

An effective photograph resume should exclude following details:

  • Use professional writing style because causal words and informal language both are strictly prohibited for resume.
  • Avoid personal details like age, weight, color, height, name of pets and spouse etc. These can ruin the professional look of resume.
  • You have to use plain and effective language because slang and trendy words portray an unprofessional attitude.

Sample Photographer Resume

Here is preview of this Sample Photographer Resume created using MS Word,

Photographer Resume

Here is download link for this sample Photographer Resume,

Download Photographer Resume

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