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Physical Therapist Resume

When someone injures himself, it takes a surgeon to repair his broken bones or cure the damaged blood vessels but that doesn’t mean that as soon as his bones are attached, he will be able to walk again. Sometimes the body refuses to operate properly after a major injury and sometimes the unconscious mind doesn’t let it work properly. This is where a physical therapist enters and starts his work on the patient. On one hand, he slowly trains the body of the patient to work again where on the other hand; he makes the mind of the patient that he can walk again. A physical therapy has nothing to do with operation or surgeries, it only includes number of exercises and workouts for a person who has recently recover from a major injury and his body is refusing to operate again.

Job Responsibilities of a Physical Therapist:

  • The key responsibility of a physical therapist is to provide the therapy related information to the patients and helping them to recover from an injury.
  • By studying each individual’s case history, developing therapy plans for each patient and making sure they are being treated this way.
  • Making sure that the patient isn’t having any pain while going through the therapy and if he does, taking useful steps to eliminate it or change the entire therapy method.
  • Constantly evaluating the results of therapy and the recovery progress of patient in order to make sure that this particular method if effective for the patient.
  • Giving instructions to the patient and his family to adopt the treatment procedures on their own so that the recovery will be faster.

Salary of a physical therapist:

The methods of physical therapy are different in various countries and cultures so does the responsibilities of a physical therapist. As the duties are not the same, it’s not possible to give the exact salary range of physical therapists. Most of these therapists run their own clinics in which they charge the patients per hour or per session. Their earning depends upon the time they spend in the clinic and number of patients they treat on daily basis. On the other hand, there are many hospitals that hire these therapists on regular salaries and there they earn about $90000 per year.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Physical Therapist Resume:

  • Use a unique objective which matches the job you are applying for and avoid using an old one copied from a website.
  • It’s very important to mention the names of your references and the hospitals and clinics that are willing to provide good history of your career.
  • It’s not a healthy act to send out the same resume for every job but you have to analyze the job thoroughly and then reveal yourself in front of the recruiter so that you won’t be neglected.
  • When sending out the resume by email, don’t use message like “please check the attachment for reviewing my resume”. Instead, put the text of your cover letter there and that will make a big difference.
  • Instead of just talking about the duties and posts you had in past, talk about the goals and achievements and the scope of the therapy research projects you worked in.

Elements not to include in this Resume:

  • Keep the resume to one page and don’t use extra page even if you have great experiences but shorten them to a few and important ones.
  • Don’t provide too personal information like marital status or hobbies.
  • Don’t lie about your expertise or skills because there is no way that you can get away with that.
  • Avoid using same words and sentences to describe more than one thing. Always think of new words and creative sentences.
  • Don’t send a resume without proofreading it. You should do it twice or ask someone else to do this scan for you.

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Physical Therapist Resume

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