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Project Architect Resume

A Project Architect is a professional who is hired by construction companies in their team of different member’s i.e. creative people, designers, drafters, executors and architects. This way we can say that when a project architect is hired as a team members for a project, he is not responsible for meeting with the clients or imagining the creative design but the other members of the team will do that and he has the job of just converting another person’s imagination into reality.

Another example of work of a project manager is that when there is a small project taken by an architectural firm, a senior architect is given the task of meeting with the client and working on the project solely. Usually when we talk about a project manager, we refer to the professional that solely works on a project without a team due to the smaller or simpler job because a bigger project has more than one architect and they work separately on different parts of the design i.e. exterior, interior, infrastructure, foundation and front elevation.

Job Responsibilities of a Project Architect:

  • Meeting with the clients and understanding their ideas or imagination about a project i.e. building
  • Conducting survey programs on the site and understanding the requirements of the project
  • Dividing the project into smaller pieces and working on these sections one after another
  • By keeping the needs and expectations of the client in mind, designing the building
  • Creating sketches and blueprints of the design on papers
  • Providing the paperwork to the construction crew and explaining each part of the job to them
  • Supervising the entire construction project and making sure the construction is going as per plans

Salary of a Project Architect:

It is pretty obvious from the title that salary of a project manager depends on the type and size of the project as bigger projects mean more income where smaller projects pay less money to the architect. The salary of a project architect also depends on the fact that he is working as freelancer or in a company because in a company, the architect has to dedicate his services to a project during the execution where on the other hand, while working as freelancer, the project architect can work on several different project at once. Usually a project architect can earn from $100,000 to $250,000 depending on the project.

Useful Tips for Creating Project Architect Resume:

  • There is no need to add any personal information such as your marital status or personal interests as it’s irrelevant for the employers.
  • Always make sure that even if there are many days in the deadline to send the resume, you complete your work early and send the resume as soon as possible. This will give the employer more time to go through your resume thoroughly before dozens of other resumes arrive a day before the deadline.
  • Many people make the mistake that they add the name and contact information on the first page but when there are 2 or even 3 pages, they don’t put their contact details or even their names on other pages. You should make sure that you put your name and contact details on each page of the resume.
  • Make sure to proofread the resume at least twice so that if you have made any grammatical or spelling mistakes in the resume, you can remove them before presenting such a messy resume in front of the employer and making a complete fool of yourself.

Sample Project Architect Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Project Architect Resume created using MS Word,

Project Architect Resume

Here is download link for this Project Architect Resume,

Download Project Architect Resume

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