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QA Manager Resume

For an organization, A Quality assurance manager is an important position. An individual at the quality assurance manager position is responsible for managing and supervising people who are responsible for ensuring that the organization’s products, goods and services are up to the mark and match the standards as set by the law and the company. The Quality assurance manager has great responsibility on his/her shoulders since he/she is responsible for the quality of the product or service at every stage of development and distribution. From start to finish, the manager needs to take care of everything quality related.

What is a Resume?
One can define a resume as a document which describes and outlines an individual’s skills, education and past experiences. Although a resume is a diverse document and can be used for a number of purposes, it is mostly used by individuals who are seeking to find a new employment or who want to shift to a new employment or an organization.

Quality Assurance Manager Resume Objectives
When an individual is seeking to draft a resume for the position of a quality assurance manager, one needs to keep in mind that for organization that are willing to hire at such an important position, experience is everything. they are more interested in knowing whether or not the applicant has the required experience, what kind of experience does the applicant have along with how much of that experience does the applicant have. So, when designing a resume for a quality assurance manager one needs to highlight the experience as much as one can. But make sure that the experience isn’t exaggerated or is a lie since companies will check and double check for assurance. It is vital that after mentioning the contact details (email, telephone number and address), a job objective should be mentioned that is aligned with the position one is applying for. For a quality assurance manager the job objective will go as ‘Seeking a managerial position for quality assurance at a well reputed firm to enhance prior experience and polish existing skills’
after the job objective, the projects that the applicant has worked on previously should be mentioned in detail. The time duration of the project, the responsibilities the applicant had on that project along with details about the project will be included in this.
Next, educational information will be mentioned. Ensure that your latest education is mentioned first and then so on. Prospective employers are more interested in the recent education the applicant has acquired. After mentioning the education information, skills and abilities are to be mentioned. It is advised that skills and abilities should be aligned with the job position and the job description. Always remember that a resume is your marketing tool, the much better you make a resume the more chances you have at scoring the desired position or job. Never compromise on your resume and make it the best possible tool for you.

Sample Quality Assurance Manager Resume

Here is preview of a Free Sample QA Manager Resume created using MS Word,

QA Manager Resume

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