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QA Specialist Resume

A quality assurance specialist is an individual that is responsible for measuring and testing out the quality of various goods and services that are produced and manufactured by an organization. By keeping the various quality standards of the government and the organization, a quality assurance specialist makes sure that every one of those products measures up to the standards. The quality assurance specialist is also responsible for the complications or problems that may arise during or after testing. How well are those problems addressed and what solutions are taken by the quality assurance specialist determine the level of the quality assurance specialist.

What is a Resume?
A resume can be defined as a document that describes and outlines an individual’s skills, education and past experiences. Although a resume is a diverse document and can be used for a number of purposes, it is mostly used by individuals who are seeking to find a new employment or who want to shift to a new employment.

Quality Assurance Specialist Resume
when making or drafting a resume for the position of a quality assurance specialist, it is required that an individual looks at the job description of the position. Keeping in mind the job description would help drafting a resume that is both appealing and catchy for the employer. As per the standard resume, an individual should first mention contact information to facilitate the employer in contacting him/her. Note that since a quality assurance specialist is an important job on which the organization’s reputation and name stands upon and so the employer will be looking for an individual that has hands on experience along with on the job training, knows the various government regulation and has an understanding about the quality measures that the organization adheres to. Education is an important factor but the organization is more interested in what the employee will bring to the organization. Keeping this in mind, an individual should draft up a Quality Assurance Specialist Resume. Following contact information a job objective should be mentioned which should be according to the actual job objective that an individual is seeking. For a Quality Assurance Specialist, the job objective can be as follows, ‘seeking a middle management position as a quality assurance specialist to further polish the skills that have been acquired in the past’. Mentioning the education and work experience should be in the format that the current should be mentioned first and then the last. Work experience should be mentioned in detailed and should inform the employer in depth about the responsibilities in the previous job. Just like work experiences, skills should be mentioned in depth since the employer will have an eye out for this. Skills should be relevant to the position. Report writing is not an important skill as analyzing, testing, knowing the various quality standards are. Note down skills that you know will be important for the employer. Never exaggerate anything on your resume since there is a high chance that the employer may cross question you regarding your resume.

Sample Quality Assurance Specialist Resume

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QA Specialist Resume

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