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Quality Control Inspector Resume

The products that we use these days are mostly produced in manufacturing units and to understand these units and their processing, you can assume a plant producing thousands and millions of product units on regular basis. For example, when we buy a LCD television, we see that it’s very sleek and there aren’t any flaws or errors in the interior or exterior either.

By analyzing that, we think our unit is the one that is produced by the most precision and quality checking where in reality, that company had produced thousands of such units on weekly basis and all of them are this perfect in shape and quality. When a company is making such an enormous amount of products on regular basis, it’s very much possible lose control over the quality of these units and to make sure that doesn’t happen, there is a professional inspector who checks and verifies each or random units during and after manufacturing process. This professional is called a quality control inspector or quality supervisor.

Salary of a Quality Control Inspector:

As we have discussed above that quality control inspection is something that is not implemented in many countries and when there is no career, there won’t be any job for such a professional. In the countries in which this job exists, these inspectors are hired on contract, which means they get paid according to the project. There are some companies and manufacturing units that also hire these professional inspectors on permanent basis where they get regular monthly salaries. When individuals hire these inspectors, they pay them on hourly basis, which is around $15 per hour. In case of monthly fixed salary, these inspectors earn about $500000 per year.

Here are the Elements you need to add in Quality Control Inspector Resume:

  • Although manufacturing companies hire direct staff but they majorly hire an agency who finds most appropriate staff for the company. You can contact different employment agencies to find any vacancies.
  • It’s your decision whether you want to put an objective or a career summary in the resume.
  • Start the resume with putting your name and contact information at the top of the resume but be precise about that and don’t put useless information.
  • Talk about your previous jobs and by using bullet points; discuss each and every related job in separate sentences.
  • Now it’s time to write about your educational history and here you need to start with the professional degree like business administration and go back up to graduation.
  • Special skills like speaking multi language or operating various computer programs will make you different among other applicants so definitely add this section in the resume.

Things not to add in the resume:

  • Don’t send the resume without proofreading it more than once or better ask a friend to do it for you.
  • There is nothing wrong with having less or no experience at all, you can leave the space blank but don’t lie about anything.
  • Avoid using same words and sentences to describe the same detail more than once.
  • Don’t add useless or irrelevant information in your resume and keep it as professional as possible.

Sample Quality Control Inspector:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Quality Control Inspector Resume created using MS Word,

Quality Control Inspector Resume

Here is download link for this Quality Control Inspector Resume,

Download Quality Control Inspector Resume

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