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Respiratory Therapist Resume

Respiratory therapy is a process of treating the diseases related to the lungs and the cardiovascular system of a human being. In this field, the functions of lungs, oxygen consumption and the breathing quality of a patient is observed and treated by a professional who is called a respiratory therapist. These therapists often run their own private clinics where they treat the patients in various therapy sessions. There are many hospitals and schools that hire these therapists too. In a school, the major part of a therapist is to make sure that every kid is living a healthy life and there is nothing wrong with their cardiovascular systems or lung functions.

Job Responsibilities of a Respiratory Therapist:

  • Interviewing, examining and diagnosing the patients regarding their respiratory ailments.
  • Testing lung capacity of each patient to make sure his body is getting the required amount of oxygen.
  • Testing the patient’s blood to verify the level of oxygen and other gases in his body.
  • Analyzing the reports, patient’s medical history and test results to find the problem and the strategy to cure it.
  • Removing unwanted fluids like mucus from a patient’s lungs after he had an injury or accident.
  • Unblocking the air ways of patients respiratory systems to make sure there is no blockage in the air vessels to the way over to lungs.

Salary of a Respiratory Therapist:

Respiratory therapy is very common procedure but not as much patients need it as other therapies such so as compared to other therapies, the earning of a respiratory therapist is lower. Just like any other therapist, respiratory therapists also run their private clinics where they charge the therapy sessions per hour. Usually a respiratory therapist charge about $150 per hour where on the contrary, many are also recruited by hospitals where they earn regular salaries about$65000 per year in the starting and it goes up to $90000 per year after two to three years of experience.

Here are the guidelines to create a Respiratory Therapist Resume:

  • At the top of the resume, provide your basic and contact information such as name, DOB, nationality and NIC number.
  • Then tell about all the work you have done as a therapist. Give a little bit about every job you had. If you don’t have much experience or no experience at all, it absolutely fine. Everyone has to start from somewhere so don’t be ashamed of that. 
  •  Add all the information about your studies including all the short courses. Start with the most recent degree you acquired and then go back to the graduation providing name of each institution, passing year and your grades.
  • There is no need to send out letter of recommendations or reviews on your work at the first place, save them to handout personally at the time of interview.

Elements not to include in this Resume:

  • Don’t put personal information in the resume as no one has that much time to review it.
  • Keep it simple and elegant which is easier to process and don’t make it look too complicated by using different colors or fonts just to be creative.
  • Only provide the references which are good, reliable and authenticated and can give guarantee of your work and skills.
  • If you don’t have much experience, leave the space empty but don’t lie about anything. Everyone has to start from somewhere and there is nothing wrong in that.
  • Avoid using complicated words and sentences and also don’t repeat the same words more than once and explain the same thing in different words.

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Respiratory Therapist Resume

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