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Restaurant Hostess Resume

A restaurant hostess is the person that we also know as the waitress. This is the person who we meet when you go in a restaurant. In the restaurant, the hostess is the one who gives us the menus and set up the table. When we decide what we want to eat, we place the order with the hostess and she is the one who comes with the food and checks on us from time to time in order to see if we need anything else or not. When we finish eating, we again call the hostess and ask her to bring the check.

Job Responsibilities of a Restaurant Hostess:

  • Welcoming the customers and escorting them to their table
  • Placing water and glasses on the table and providing the customers with menus
  • Helping the customers understand different foods and meal courses and suggesting best foods to them
  • Taking orders from the customers and informing the chef about these orders
  • Providing appetites during the preparing and cooking of the order of customers
  • Taking prepared orders from the kitchen and placing it on the table
  • Checking on the customers from time to time in order to see if they need anything else
  • Cleaning the table after the customers done eating and giving them check

Salary of a Restaurant Hostess:

When we talk about restaurant hostesses or waitresses, they usually work on hourly basis which means the more hours they work, the more money they earn. Usually restaurants hire these hostesses on $15 per hour but this rate depends on the type of the restaurant as five star restaurants pay more money to these hostesses as compared to small restaurants or local diners. Sometimes these waitresses are also employed with regular salaries but in either case, they make most of their money with tips given by the customers. Usually a restaurant hostess can earn up to $30,000 per year.

Essential skills to include in the Restaurant Hostess Resume:

  • Good personality
  • Good people skills
  • Good management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Being a good part of a team
  • Being able to work under stress
  • Good time management skills

Useful tips for writing the Restaurant Hostess Resume:

  • Divide the resume into several different parts and keep the information of each section separate from others.
  • Below the information section, it’s place to put an objective or a career summary if you like.
  • Create an objective with your own words and it would be so much better if you just close your eyes and think what you would be doing if you get this job.
  • After that put an objective or better use a short summary of your career or an overview of previous experiences.
  • In the education section, start with the most recent or professional degree and put the name of the institution, name of the course and passing year for each certification. If you have attended extra classes during your education period, list that too.
  • Don’t exceed of more than two pages and if there is a lot to add, save some of them to discuss at the interview.
  • There is no need to add references in the first place but, save them for later once you are called for an interview.
  • When you are finished, make sure that you proofread the entire resume so that if there are any grammatical mistakes or typos, you can remove them.

Sample Restaurant Hostess Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Restaurant Hostess Resume created using MS Word,

Restaurant Hostess Resume

Here is download link for this Restaurant Hostess Resume,

Download Restaurant Hostess Resume

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