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Ride Operator Resume

Amusement parks are the best and most amazing places for adults and children as they can ride dozens of types of rides there. Most of these rides are not operated by computers and an employee or person is responsible for starting, operating and stopping the rides in amusement parks. This employee who controls the functions and operations of a ride is known as a ride operator.

Job Responsibilities of Ride Operator:

  • Collecting tickets, money or coupons from the customers for the rides
  • Making sure that only recommended number of people will get on the ride
  • Making sure that the children are riding with their parents or adults
  • Informing riders about the safety precautions of the ride
  • Explaining escape procedure in case of an emergency or incident
  • Making sure that the passengers have safety equipment i.e. belt, hooks etc
  • Starting the ride and observing the movements of the ride with each cycle
  • Stopping the ride when it’s time and helping passengers get off the ride safely

Salary of Ride Operator:

It is possible that when you think about a ride operator, you may not think of him as a very important person but when you take a look at his salary, you will be shocked. An average ride operator can earn up to $130,000 per year which is not very common as compared to other fields and careers. The key reason for this high salary of a ride operator is that they have the responsibility of taking care of hundreds of people enjoying on the ride and even if they look like sitting, they observe each and every second of the ride running and doing their job.

Key Skills Required for Ride Operator Job:

  • Good observation skills
  • Good management skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Being able to work under pressure and stress
  • Being good with customers
  • Good people skills

Some Useful Tips for writing Ride Operator Resume:

  • Instead of talking about previous job duties or tasks, talk about achievements and skills you have developed during that time and how those talents are going to help you on this job you are applying for.
  • It’s very important that you present every available detail in such a way that even if it’s not much, it doesn’t seem like that.
  • When you talk about your previous jobs and duties you had there, it’s a wrong step. The right thing to do is to talk about your achievements and accomplishments and the skills you have gained at those jobs which will help you here at this job.
  • List every detail about your educational history and the same method applies here. You start with the most recent degree from college or university and then go back to add about graduation diploma. Provide name of each institution, year of passing and the course name for each diploma.
  • There is no need to provide any photo in this type of resume and you should make it the way it’s supposed to look.

Sample Ride Operator Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Ride Operator Resume created using MS Word,

Ride Operator Resume

Here is download link for this Ride Operator Resume,

Download Ride Operator Resume

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