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Sales Representative Resume

Selling is considered as an art because it is not easy to persuade others to buy your products. It requires talent, determination, excellent communication and persuasion skills. If you have these qualities then you can apply for the sales representative jobs. You can use your sales strategies while hunting a suitable job for you. It is necessary to design a resume before doing anything because only a compelling resume can persuade potential employer. While designing resume, you have to collect all information and draw a rough sketch. It will help you to decide resume format either chronological, functional or hybrid format. You have to highlight important skills and abilities with professional experience. It is necessary to emphasize on the important sales achievement in order to make your resume compelling. It will be good to add important keywords in the resume for successful screening but you can take help from job description of sales representative.

Job Description of Sales Representative

Job description of sales representative may vary from place to place but some common job duties and responsibilities are as under:

  • Sales representative is responsible to service existing accounts, obtain orders and establish new accounts with proper planning. He/she should have regular work schedule to make strategies for potential sales outlets and different trade factors.
  • Sales representative is responsible to prepare sales presentation after considering different trade factors. He/she has to focus on sales efforts according to current and potential volume of dealers.
  • He/she has to submit orders, activities and result reports such as daily call reports, weekly work plans and annual territory analyses. He/she is responsible to monitor activities of competitors by collecting information regarding pricing, products, merchandising techniques, market demands etc.

Tips to Design Sales Representative Resume

Only a compelling sales representative resume can help you to grab the attention of potential employer and for your help I am going to share some tips to design sales representative resume:

  • Start your resume with personal details like name, residential address, phone number, email address on the top of your resume followed by objective statement. In the objective statement you will state your sales related goals in unique and compelling manner.
  • Next section will be “Summary of Qualification” so you can use bullet points to highlight different skills like communication, leadership, planning, organization, management of time etc. It will be good to write your area of expertise and financial benefits of former employer due to your strategies.
  • Next heading should be “Work Experience” because it will help potential employer to evaluate your proficiencies. You have to start this section with most recent experience and write name of employer, address of organizations, your job title, duration of employment and important job duties.
  • It is time to write “Academic Qualifications” and in this section you have to write name of your institute, name of state, details of degree and year of completion. If you have any sales related majors then highlight them on the top of the section to make your resume compelling.
  • You can include important keywords in the sales resumes to showcase your skills and abilities. It will be good to consult job description while searching suitable keywords according to industry.

Things to Avoid

Sales representative resume should be compelling enough and following points will help you a lot:

  • Do not include references in your resume unless asked by potential employer. You can write a line like “references will be available upon request”.
  • Do not use colorful paper with funny cartoons or attractive flowers to take printout of sales representative resume because it will not look professional.
  • Do not include same words used by potential employer because it will look odd. You can modify these words to make them unique.

Sample Resume:

Here is preview of this sample Sales Representative Resume created using MS Word,

Sales Representative Resume

Here is download link for this Sales Representative Resume,

Download Sales Representative Resume

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