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Senior Accountant Resume

Accounting is a large field which helps us to keep a record of business growth and profit that the owner is getting. It can either be on daily basis or over pre-defined time period like three or six month. A senior accountant studies the growth of a business by preparing financial statements, recording every transaction, implementing new technologies to improve the business, analyzing the payable taxes and most importantly, presenting a real time situation in front of the administration about the business. A senior accountant is practically the only one who is responsible for the financial and other money related errors in the organization and he is considered a high profile employee of the company. Due to the importance of this job, most students are going in accountancy instead of management or IT.

An employer has the following expectations from a senior accountant:

  • He is supposed to prepare and analyze financial statements and every transaction taking place in the business to keep a record of if business is growing or decreasing productivity.
  • He is asked to prepare reports about the business situation on regular basis either its capital related or about assets.
  • A business has to pay taxes to the government but managers can’t analyze whether it’s true or false so this is the place where an accountant is needed. He examines the payable taxes and prepares the correct figure of payable dues.
  • He is also supposed to keep an eye on the market and global business situations to warn the administrations before time to change the finance related trends or improve them to compete with global markets.

The salary of an accountant varies as we talk about different cultures and businesses. It generally starts from $60000 per year and go up to $125000. Countries like England and America pay their accountants very good salaries with yearly bonuses on excellent performance or using their intuitions at the right time where on the other hand, Asian countries like Pakistan and India which doesn’t consider accountants as the essential part of a business and still many companies in these countries don’t hire accountants.

Key Elements to include in a Senior Accountant Resume:

  • Be precise in writing objective in your resume because it’s the main part that catches the eye of the recruiter. Always write a unique objective according to the job you are applying for.
  • If you have experience in accounting, list that expertise at the top of your resume but if you don’t have that much experience, list that a little bellow.
  • There will be a lot of applicants applying for the same job so prepare a resume which stands you different among each other. List extra abilities which you have gained during previous works which will provide you an extra edge.
  • If you have got extra certificates along with regular professional studies, attach that with your resume and let your employer know that you are not the same as others.
  • Write about your previous achievements instead of duties and tasks because everyone knows that about the accountant career so only tell the things which are new for the interviewer.

Elements not to include in a Senior Accountant Resume:

  • Don’t use a resume which contains more than one page because extra information just makes it look boring.
  • Don’t put too much information about your personal life because no one will have time to read all that.
  • There is no need to add a photo in accounting resume because it’s about finance not acting or filming.
  • If you use to work for a management firm as teenager, it’s good to discuss that in your resume but if you worked in burger king or some other shopping mall, don’t discuss that.
  • Although this career is all about money and finance but don’t make a mistake to discuss the salary you are expecting in your resume because it just makes you look greedy and difficult to satisfy.

Sample Senior Accountant Resume:

Here is preview of this Sample Senior Accountant Resume created using MS Word,

Senior Accountant Resume

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