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Senior Architect Resume

A senior architect is a professional architect who has spent enough years in the field working on different projects and now he has the experience, the abilities and skills to handle all kinds of project on his own. Senior architects are usually hired to lead a team of junior architects. In this situation, the senior architect is the one who meets and interacts with the client and he is also the one that designs the infrastructure and design of the building.

Once done, he assigns different parts of the design project to the team members and supervises their work activities. Some of these senior architects also involve in the active work responsibilities i.e. working side by side with their subordinates where most of experienced architects usually design the building and convert the imagination or concept into reality and divide the work activities on the team members.

Salary of a Senior Architect:

Senior architects are very experienced in their field and as they have spent many years in the field, they receive way above average salary packages from companies and construction firms. It usually depends on the factors that a senior architect works in a company or as a freelance that how much he can earn with is work. It is common that after 5-10 years of experience, a senior architect can earn up to $500,000 to $750,000 per year.

Useful Tips for Creating Senior Architect Resume:

  • When you enter in a college and have a professional degree i.e. masters, there is no need to mention your high school education on the resume. It is pretty much understood that you didn’t get in the college until you graduated from the high school.
  • Objective is the most important part of the resume as this decides if the employer wants to read your resume or not. Make sure to write a unique and job description related objective and avoid using readymade or usual types of statements in the objective and create something new.
  • It is not a good idea to stuff the resume with thousands of words and leaving no white space on the resume. More words create more confusion and a resume with no or less empty space looks more complicated. Make sure to leave some empty space on the resume.
  • Keep in mind that it’s a resume not an essay or thesis that you can make as long as you think. Keep the resume to only one page and remove the irrelevant or less important stuff in order to cut back on the content.
  • It is essential that you read the job description very carefully so that you can find out what qualities and skills the employer is looking for. This way you can focus on the required skills in your resume.
  • In the resume, you need to add your qualities and strengths so that the employer can see if you are eligible for the job and if you can handle the responsibility of the position you are applying for or not.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Senior Architect Resume created using MS Word,

Senior Architect Resume

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