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Speech Therapist Resume

Speech therapy is a form of therapy in which the patient is treated to make him able to speak as a normal human being. This speech disorder illness is often caused by psychological reasons where people often suffer from this disorder due to number of physical factors too. A professional who deals with this kind of patients and treat them so they can speak like a normal person is called a speech or communication therapist. These therapists often run their own clinics and private therapy centers where some are also hired by schools and hospitals where they deal with disabled children and adults. In schools, their duty is to provide extra help to the kids which can’t learn how to speak without an external help and in hospitals, their duty is to make the adults to speak again who have speech disorder due to a physical injury or mental sickness.

Job Responsibilities of a Speech Therapist:

  • The most important responsibility of a speech therapist is to diagnose the speech disability in a child in his early years of age.
  • Treating the patients with speech and communication disabilities caused by congenital problems or a physical injury like stroke or accident.
  • Reviewing the entire case history of each patient and then developing a treatment strategy which is the most efficient one according to each situation.
  •  Making sure that the patient is in the best environment and he is getting all what he wants.
  • Briefing the family members of each patient to participate in the recovery process and act upon the instructions while the patient is with them at home.
  • When a unique cases arrives at the doorstep, consulting another professional for advice and making sure there is nothing wrong with the treatment plan he has made.

Salary of a Speech Therapist:

Mostly a kid need a speech therapy when he can’t be able to speak on time so this is a little more complicated and responsible job but the good news is that it pays for the extra effort that you do. Speech therapists usually run their private clinics or therapy centers where they charge per hour about $180 per hour. On the other hand, there are many hospitals that hire these therapists for their permanent staff. There they get regular salaries of about $90000 per year and many also work on session basis where they charge about $100 per session.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Speech Therapist Resume:

  • Be precise in writing objective in your resume because it’s the main part that catches the eye of the recruiter. Always write a unique objective according to the job you are applying for.
  • If you have experience in speech therapy, list that at the top of your resume but if you don’t have that much experience, list that a little below.
  • There will be a lot of applicants applying for the same job so prepare a resume which stands you different among each other. List extra abilities which you have gained during previous works which will provide you an extra edge.
  • If you have got extra certificates along with regular professional studies, attach that with your resume and let your employer know that you are not the same as others.
  • Write about your previous achievements instead of duties and tasks because everyone knows that about the therapy career so only tell the things which are new for the interviewer.

Elements not to include in this Resume:

  • Don’t use a resume which contains more than one page because extra information just makes it look boring.
  • Don’t put too much information about your personal life because no one will have time to read all that.
  • Don’t add a photo in this kind of resume because you are not applying for an actor job.
  • Don’t talk about your expected salary figure but save it for the interview.

Here is preview of this Free Sample Speech Therapist Resume created using MS Word,

Speech Therapist Resume

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