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Storage Architect Resume

As the world is changing with every passing day, companies and organizations are taking initiatives and developing new methods of conducting business with better performance and more growth. In this way, companies and business don’t spend hours of time and financial resources on the documentation of important papers but they secure and store the data in virtual stores via computer and we know these stores as databases. A database is a place either on desktop computer or on a server in which the users can feed and store various types of data files via computer system and internet. The professional that evaluates needs and requirements of a company for the database and designs such storage place for the appropriate data is known as storage architect.

Job Responsibilities of a Storage Architect:

  • Meeting with the client and understanding what kind of database can fulfill their needs and requirements
  • Understanding the different types of data files that will be stores on the database
  • Enlisting the required features and characteristics of the storage from the point of view of the client and a storage architect
  • Creating rough paperwork and sketches for the development of a storage place
  • Creating or developing the storage either solely or while working side by side with other team members
  • Supervising the work activities of other team members and assisting them to overcome errors and problems
  • Presenting the final product i.e. storage or database to the client and advise him about the proper use and features of the storage

Salary of a Storage Architect:

Salary of a storage architect mostly depends on key factors i.e. company of employment, location, state and country, local inflation rate and size of the company along with education, background in the field and experience. Typically a storage architect with 2 years of experience in a middle size organization can earn up to $110,000 per year and this figure gradually goes up as the experience year increase with passage of time.

Useful Tips for Creating Storage Architect Resume:

  • Create separate sections of content on the resume and include each kind of information and details in separate sections i.e. contact information section, skills section, previous work section and education section.
  • As soon you enter in a college or have a professional degree i.e. masters, there is no need to mention your high school education on the resume. It is pretty much understood that you didn’t get in the college until you graduated from the high school.
  • It is good to include some of your duties in the resume but you need to focus on your accomplishments and achievements as employers need to know about what you have achieved rather than just reading about your responsibilities.
  • While discussing the previous work history and experience, make sure to enlist all of your designations or positions in the past so that the employer can see what he is dealing with and how important you were for your previous employers.
  • It’s better to leave some space empty on the resume rather than filling it up with irrelevant or stupid stuff.

Sample Storage Architect Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Storage Architect Resume created using MS Word,

Storage Architect Resume

Here is download link for this Storage Architect Resume,

Download Storage Architect Resume

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