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System Architect Resume

A system architect who is also known as a professional or experienced computer system technicians is a person who understands the working and needs of a computer system. These architects are hired by professional development agencies to work with clients or the multinational companies and organization can also hire these architects directly to work on their computer systems. These architects have the key responsibility of understanding how a company works and how the progress of an organization can be maximized using new and advanced computer systems. Then, these architects design and create such computer systems for these organizations. Mostly the system architects work as freelance but they are also hired on regular basis by leading computer system development agencies and global corporations.

Job Responsibilities of a System Architect:

  • Meeting with clients and organizations to understand the needs and requirements for a computer system
  • Meeting with computer users and understand what kind of computer system they want or need
  • Conducting research and analysis programs to evaluate available options for the design or upgrade of computer system
  • Discussing different options with the client and assisting him to understand benefits of each of them
  • Designing a computer system that is approved by the client
  • Assigning different tasks to the team members and supervising their work activities
  • Finalizing the system and conducting tests to authenticate it
  • Presenting the final product to the client and supervising the implementation of the system as well
  • Providing troubleshooting and maintenance services to the client afterwards

Salary of a System Architect:

System architects are very professional and experienced in their careers. We also refer to these professionals as technical and system experts that know how to design a computer system and how to provide specific features with hardware and software installations. This is the reason that these architects get very good salaries either they work in a company as regular employee or provide their services as freelance. Usually a system architect can earn up to $110,000 per year.

Useful Tips for Creating System Architect Resume:

  • It is very important that you create separate sections in the resume and include different kind of information in each individual section i.e. contact information section, previous employment section, education section and special skills and expertise section.
  • Always right a fresh objective that is relevant to the job you are applying for or better make a career statement in which you show them how you are going to use your skills and expertise on the job you are applying for.
  • Always make sure that you don’t send the resume without proofreading it at least twice. If you don’t find any mistakes, ask your friends to take a look and go through it thoroughly.
  • Most companies have a system to save the resumes in database and then run search queries in the system to screen the resumes. This is why it is really essential that you include keywords in the resume for database search purposes.

Sample System Architect Resume:

Here is preview of a Free Sample System Architect Resume created using MS Word,

System Architect Resume

Here is download link for this System Architect Resume,

Download System Architect Resume

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